Offering the Best Mary Kay Make Over

Mary Kay Make Over

Offering the Best Mary Kay Make Over

Offering the ultimate in beauty and skin care products, Mary Kay can also be the ideal network marketing business either you are looking for a part time income or want to start your own business. After 25 years of direct selling for other companies Mary Kay Ash founded the company that bears her name, selling a product that she had been selling on the side while working for Stanley Home products. She began the company with only $5,000 and began recruiting “Beauty Consultants” who were trained to schedule Mary Kay parties or “skin care classes” in people’s homes. Their first products were a handful of cosmetics manufactured by a company in Dallas. If you love the beauty industry and want extra income, you may be looking at a business opportunity selling cosmetics. Although Avon, Oriflame and Mary Kay have all been around for decades, find out in this review how Mary Kay makeover reach the part other companies don’t.

Mary Kay started her cosmetic company on the back of injustice and disappointment. Having worked in the direct selling industry for 25 years, the crunch point came when she was bypassed for promotion yet again in favors of a man she herself had trained up. Sitting at her kitchen table, she started to write in an effort to heal her wounds.


Writing out two lists, one covered all the good she had seen in companies, and the other everything that she thought could be improved. Looking back over them, she realized that her two lists together compiled a perfect business marketing plan.

Using all her past experience, she turned that plan into a reality with the help of her 20 year old son and savings of $5,000. ‘Beauty’ make-up was founded as a small direct sales company. Now fielding more than 1.8 million representatives, her products are sold in more than 35 countries worldwide with billions of dollars in sales turnovers.

As is the case with Avon and Oriflame make-up companies, Mary Kay make over is a business first and foremost. They compete with their representatives by selling online and in shopping malls, but unlike other companies, will give you a website to start your business. The first 6 months are free and after that you will need to pay upkeep. You will have the option to earn up to 40% in commission and buy discounted make-up.

The virtual makeover choices place them in a class of their own and helps shake the slightly old-fashioned feel off by bringing them into the 21st century. Giving the opportunity to upload your own photo and experiment with different looks, it is a real first and not offered by the other party plan make-up companies. Logging onto the site permits you access to the ultimate color playground where you can have fun trying out various hair styles and colors. Building a look similar to your own, you can also access beauty tips to help emphasize your best features. Mary Kay provides a fantastic program for an outgoing woman who loves to help other women look their best, while at the same providing them the opportunity to have their own business.


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