Omni life Products

Omni Life Products

Omni life Products

Omnilife is a well established company that deals in high quality Omni life products. The headquarter of omnilife is located in Guadalajara, Mexico with 20 years of experience. Omnilife manufacturing plant in Guadalajara is built on more than 18, 641 sq miles and is the world’s largest dietary supplement manufacturing plant with more than 600 employees.

Recently, omnilife is operating a wide range of more than 50 Omni life product lines that comprises the nutritional products, weight loss products, detoxifying products, energizing products, beauty and skin care products with the help of 5 millions distributors worldwide. Omnilife is the first company that introduced the Omni life supplements in liquid and powdered form.

It was the time when every supplement was manufactured and sold in tablet form. The main advantage of liquid and powder form is that it is easily dissolved in water. Recently, Omni life nutritional products are manufactured through high-tech process named as “micellization” that is to convert soluble in water-soluble vitamins that help the body to assimilate more quickly that body need and those who do not waste through urine.

Omni life approach to standards

In order to meet the high international standards, the Omni life products are manufactured under strict rules that are the main key of success of Omni life products. Some Omni life products has achieved high sale growth and are well known worldwide is “Omniplus” that is considered as the star product of Omni life product.

Omniplus includes the herbs, fruits, vitamins and minerals that are helpful to strengthen the immune system, regulates the blood pressure, fight against the allergies and anemia, the most important thing in this Omni life product is it is the basic supplement for people of any age. Optimus is another Omni life product that is fruitful to enhance the performance of the brain and composed of extracts of citrus fruit, minerals and amino acids etc. The company has achieved many certificates because of its high quality Omni life products.

Cost of production for Omni Life Products

The cost of the raw material that is used to manufacture the Omni life product is low, all the operational processes are automated means there is no need of labor on large numbers that ultimately gives another benefit in shape of low labor cost. The transportation cost of Omni life product is also low because the Omni life products had to be carried to the distribution center only rather than to the retail points of the sale.

Hence by the curtail of these expenditures the company is in position to sell the Omni life products at reasonable and affordable price to the consumers as well as the attractive opportunity for the distributors.


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