Omnilife Inc

Omnilife Inc

Omnilife Inc

Omnilife is a well established and one of the leading companies that deals in the production of high quality dietary nutritional supplements. The headquarter of Omnilife is located in Guadalajara, Mexico with 20 years of experience. Omnilife manufacturing plant in Guadalajara is built on more than 18, 641 sq miles and is the world’s largest dietary supplement manufacturing plant with more than 600 employees.

Recently, Omnilife is dealing in a wide range of more than 50 product line that comprises the nutritional products, weight loss products, detoxyfing products, energizing products, beauty and skin care products with the help of 5 millions distributors nationwide. Omnilife not only provides the best quality supplements but also the healthy business opportunity to the investors with no risk and made him able to live a healthy and independent living and also the personal development of him.


More Information on Omnilife

The compensation plan of omnilife is easy and flexible and comprises of two areas means the distributor can generate the revenue by two ways, firstly by retail direct selling that will give the short term benefits and secondly by the formation of a distribution network (MLM) that will give the long term benefits. The company has received the certification as a “Clean Industry” from the Mexican government in April 2008.

To attain this certification, omnilife has worked hard because in order to attain this certification, a company has to fulfill all the activities given in action plan that are basically derived from the environmental audit with respect to water, air, soil, hazardous material and non hazardous material, environmental risk and environmental management systems. Omnilife pay full attention on its product manufacturing keeping in mind the various aspects like quality, strictness in hygiene condition, utilization of approved packaging raw material.

Omnilife is the first company that introduces the supplements in liquid and powdered form. It was the time when every supplement was manufactured and sold in tablet form. The main advantage of liquid and powder form is that it is easily dissolved in water.

So this innovation made a remarkable effect on the market and hence it raised the graph of omnilife in the market. Recently, omnilife nutritional products are manufactured through high-tech process named as “micellization”through this process the supplements are processed to be soluble in water-soluble vitamins so that human body can take the advantage of nutrients in more amount.

Omnilife Alliance with Organizations

Omnilife has made alliance with different organizations that are acknowledged by IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Food Supplements) to meet up the highest International manufacturing standards. Omnilife has also been certified as one industry that fulfill all requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at satisfaction level.


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