One step at a time: a review on the leadership positions of Amway mlm

leadership positions of Amway mlm

One step at a time: a review on the leadership positions of amway mlm

With a global monthly searches of over 1.8 million with $8.4 billions sales, Amway ranks 2nd, next to Avon, in the top 100 direct sellers.  Formed in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richh DeVos, the company currently has over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBO) in 80 countries.

As in any MLM company, Amway has different levels of leadership.  To move up from one level to the next corresponds to increasing your profit, commissions, and bonuses.  Of course, each level has its own qualifications.  As you go up, so do your responsibilities and sales requirements.

One Step At A Time.  But There Are Hundreds!

Here’s a look at the leadership positions of Amway together with their qualifications and rewards, based on their Business Reference Guide.  Please note that according to the guide, the rewards are subject to review and approval by Amway Global before you can receive them:

Position Qualifications Rewards

25% Sponsor                                               -Register 1 qualifying                              -25% Performance
North American Silver                             Bonus (PB)
Producer or Platinum

Silver Producer                                           In one month:                                           -25% Performance

-Generate Award Volume                       Bonus (PB)
of at least 7500 Point Value
(PV), or                                                        -A Silver Producer pin

-Register or foster-register                  -Other recognition,
1 North American group                       such as
qualified at the 25%                                 acknowledgment in an
Performance Bonus Level,                   IBO publication
and generate Award Volume
of at least 2500 PV in the
same month, or

– Register or foster-register
at least 2 North American
group qualified at the 25%
Performance Bonus Level,
in the same month

Gold Producer                                          In one month:                                            -25% Performance

-Attain any 3 qualified Silver             Bonus (PB)
Producer/Platinum months
within the fiscal year, or                    -A Gold Producer pin

-If you are on track as a new            -Participation in the
Gold Producer and start your           annual Growth
qualification in July or August         Incentive Program
published each year

-Other recognition,
such as
acknowledgement in
an IBO publication

Following those 3 positions are:

–      Platinum

–      Founders Platinum

–      Ruby

–      Founders Ruby

–      Sapphire

–      Founders Sapphire

–      Emerald

–      Founders Emerald

–      Diamond

–      Founders Diamond

–      Executive Diamond

–      Founders Executive Diamond

–      Double Diamond

–      Founders Double Diamond

–      Triple Diamond

–      Founders Triple Diamond

–      Crown

–      Founders Crown

–      Crown Ambassador, and

–      Founders Crown Ambassador

That’s a total of 23 positions!  Let’s quickly take a look at Amway’s Founder Crown Ambassador.  To qualify, you can do one of 2 things:

  1. Achieve Emerald Bonus qualification and personally, internationally, or foster-register 20 groups, each of which qualifies at the 25% Performance Bonus level for all 12 months of the fiscal year, or
  2. Achieve Diamond Bonus qualification and generate at least 30 FAA (Founders Achievement Awards) credits during the fiscal year.

You would then be eligible to receive the following:

–      25% PB

–      Founders Crown Ambassador pin

–      One-time cash bonus of $196,000

–      Participation in the Emerald Profit Sharing Bonus

–      Annual Emerald, Diamond, and Diamond Plus Bonuses

–      Participation in the annual Growth Incentive Program

–      Other recognition, such as acknowledgement in an IBO publication

Just looking at how far you have to go to get that very tempting one-time cash bonus, it already feels like Amway is making their IBOs pass through the eye of a needle.  If you look at the rewards, all positions are eligible to get that 25% PB.  How difficult is it to get that 25% commission, anyway, if you’re at the bottom of the line?  In the first place, to qualify as a 25% Sponsor, you should enroll 1 qualifying Silver producer.  Again, a Silver Producer must generate 7500 Point Value (PV)

In Amway’s Performance Bonus Schedule, to receive a 25% PB or commission, you should earn a total of 7,500 Point Value (PV).  PVs are simply points that are assigned on every Amway product.  Now, there is no readily available information online from Amway on how much a PV is equivalent to.  From various third party reports and feedbacks, 100 PV is about $200.

If you want to get that 25% PB, you need to have 7,500 PV, which means you would have orders amounting to around $15,000.  Your 25% commission from the $15,000 is equivalent to $3,750.  Add your personal immediate income to that amount and you get your profit.

Is Succeeding In Amway MLM Impossible?

Well, I’m not saying it’s impossible.  It is definitely doable.  The truth is, in MLM or any kind of business, your success really depends on how much you want the rewards of success and how good your network is.  Besides, the fact that Amway has been in business for more than 50 years means the compensation plan and leadership positions work.  Remember, when the down lines fail, the top level positions go down with them.


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