Oriflame Inc


Oriflame Inc

Oriflame is the world’s leading direct sales cosmetics company. Oriflame was founded in Sweden in 1967 by the mutual help of two brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. The name of originated from the royal banner of medieval that was traditionally used on the battlefield with the war cry “Montjoie Saint Denis”.

Oriflame markets and Business volume

Today Oriflame is working more than 60 countries and of which also the market leader of more than half. Oriflame is providing a vast range of nearly 1000 high quality cosmetics products like skin care products, cosmetics products with the help of nearly 3.6 million consultants and 8000 employees worldwide.

The annual sales of oriflame is 1.5 billion Euros and for generating such a bright revenue oriflame has the “Global Supply” that is the manufacturing and logistics parm of oriflame that is used to manufacture and distribute the products to the consultants and consumers in time. One of the important key activities of oriflame is the supply and distribution planning with the company’s suppliers and distributors and for this oriflame has the supply planning plans more than 600M units annually from more than the 50 supplier throughout the world.

Similarly having the distribution planning plans to 60 markets of oriflame. Oriflame is spending and paying more attention to its Research & Development and nearly more than 100 scientists are working in it. The R&D center that is another key activity of “Global Supply” pays keen attention on all processes of product manufacturing in order to control the quality of products.

All the scientists have the duty to assure the quality of products in order to provide the best products without any issue regarding its skin research, toxicology, microbiology, packaging technology, formulation science, clinical testing, patent support and process development etc. Oriflame has its own 5 production units in Sweden, China, Poland, Russia and India.

All oriflame products are made of natural ingredients under the system of INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). The core values of Oriflame are Togetherness, Spirit and Passion and with the help of these core values today oriflame is one of the fastest growing cosmetic company.

Oriflame Selling System and Business Opportunity

Oriflame has also a well-managed online selling system means oriflame has more than 50 websites that includes the complete information about the company and all its products worldwide. Oriflame is the sponsor and official cosmetics brand of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) during 2011 with the motive that oriflame is not only sponsoring the women’s tennis but also the inner capabilities of every women to be successful, pretty, committed, confident and cheerful.

Oriflame provides the unique opportunity to the distributors for doing their own business (network marketing) with all supportive material like starter kit, sale support tools, the Oriflame University and newsletter etc. Oriflame is traded on the Nasdaq OMX Exchange since March 2004.

The use of animal testing for the skin care products is completely prohibited in Oriflame and all its skin care products ingredients are extracted from the plants, fruits and flowers. The company is committed and involved in some good cause like Oriflame is the co-founder of “World Childhood Foundation”.


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