Oriflame Makeup Products

Oriflame Makeup Products

Oriflame Makeup Products line

All the materials that are used to increase the beauty and shape of human body are basically called the make up. In earlier days the make up material was associated with women only but now-a-days the men are also involved in use of some categories of make up. That ultimately promotes the cosmetic industry and one well known name of which is Oriflame, the largest direct selling cosmetic company throughout the world with an active work force of 3.6 million consultants and variety of oriflame makeup products.

Oriflame makeup products range

Oriflame has a wide range of nearly 1000 high quality oriflame products like skin care, fragrances, personal & hair care,accessories and wellness and oriflame makeup products. The oriflame make up products includes the fascinated and glamorous range of brands like Giordani Gold Eyes,Giordani Gold Face,Giordani Gold Lips,Oriflame Beauty eyes,Oriflames Beauty Face, Oriflame Beauty Nails, Blushers, Foundations, Concealers, Lip gloss, Lip liners, Mascara,Powders, Eye shadows etc, all these oriflame makeup products are made through highly research and clinical testing.

Lip stick, one of the most important product of Oriflame makeup products line

The most essential product of any make up kit is the Lip stick that is the blend of waxes, oils, emollient and pigments etc.Most of the women focus on the lipstick only because it is the one that separately has the ability to enhance the beauty of the women and complete her with her natural beauty. Women of any region or of any country prefer to buy the lipstick instead of any other cosmetic product.
So oriflame makeup products line has a wide range of lipstick with different shades and affordable price range like oriflame hydracolor lipstick that is an ultra moisturizing lipstick with sparkling shine and has an antioxidant that is helpful in preventing the lips from aging and other effects and also helpful to neutralize the free radicals. It is offer in 8.95 pounds only.
Another version in the lipstick is the lip gloss that is also a main focus of oriflame makeup products by targeting the young girls of age group of 14 to 25 years because mostly this age group fond of using the lip gloss. Lip gloss basically in the form of viscous liquid that brings the shine and luster to the lips and it is applied on the lips after using the lipsticks on the lips.
Lip gloss also acts as the moisturizer. Lip gloss of oriflame makeup products is available in wide shades ranging from pink to red. Some oriflame makeup products are given 2 x crystal lip gloss like pure heaven and Visions offering sparkling lip gloss with sparkling juicy colors. All the oriflame makeup products are offered in affordable prices with high quality.


    • Hi Mary,

      Seams the best way to contact anyone in Australia is trough the FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/oriflameaustralia/

      Mary may I ask why you are interested in Oriflame? Is it the products, Income or another reason.

      If you love the products and believe in them + have fun selling them then perfect. On the other hand if you are after extra income them you should consider looking for products that have high payout. Meaning they pay high commission. See it takes the same amount of energy and work to sell a $10 as an $1000. It really does. So the key is to find a company that has amazing products and a sales team who continuously work and upsell.

      With cosmetics companies you get a small % per sale. Lets say (Guessing) you sell a $50 product at 10% commission and you make $5. Even at 50% commission you only get $25.

      Where if you chose the right company/Business they have systems in place which will make your efforts worth much more than a one off commission.

      Such companies track every customer you bring in and you get commissions on every purchase they make. That is nothing new right? What about if the entry product you sold is $49 and you get $25. This product is amazing, it over delivers and customer is happy. Then the sales team offer related products worth $100, $500, $1000 etc. If the customer you brought in buys any of the products you also get a commission on those. What about a $250 or a $500 commission.???

      I joined this company as they were selling a product which would teach me how to market online. The idea was to use this to market the MLM business I was in at the time. Soon I realized that I could make way more with one sale than weeks worth of selling cleaning and health products.

      You can see the compensation Plan here: mobe.com/compensation/
      More on the Company: Main Page mobe.com

      Check it out and let me know if you have any questions


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