Oriflame Products line

Oriflame Products line

Oriflame Products line

Oriflame is one of the largest direct selling cosmetic company offering different Oriflame products throughout the world with an active work force of 3.6 million consultants. Oriflame was founded in Sweden in 1967 by the mutual help of two Brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick.

Today, Oriflame deals in more than a wide range of nearly 1000 high quality oriflame products like skin care, color cosmetics, fragrances, personal & hair care, accessories and wellness. Oriflame adds 300 new products in its oriflamme products line annually. All oriflame products are made of natural ingredients under the system of INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

The ingredients used in oriflame products are mostly extracted from the plants, fruits and flowers because the use of animal testing for the skin care oriflame products is completely prohibited in Oriflame. Oriflame has paid more attention to its Research & Development and nearly more than 100 scientists and technical experts are working in it.

All the scientists have the duty to assure the quality of oriflame products in order to provide the best oriflame products without any issue regarding its skin research, toxicology, microbiology, packaging technology, formulation science, clinical testing, patent support and process development etc.

Focus of R&D Department for Oriflame Products

The research & development team of oriflame is working in two locations Dublin the city of Ireland and Stockholm the city of Sweden. In Dublin, the research team focuses on the oriflame products development and formulation. Basically these are medium-term research projects and able to deliver the innovative new oriflame products into the skin and beauty care categories.

While the research team in Stockholm focuses on the skin research projects with the motive to generate and add some new technology in the oriflame products of skin care category and it is a long-term project. The cosmetic category of oriflame products includes more than 950 cosmetic products that can be offer at any time of which nearly one half are those that are newly launched each year.

Core Categories of Oriflame Products

Skin care is the core category of oriflame products that includes the brands like Aqua-Rhythm,DermaProfessional,Diamond Cellular,Ecollagen,Essentials,Essentials Fairness, Essentials Hydra Rich, Lift Expert,Mens care, Natural skin care,Optimals,Optimals Comfort,Optimals Cleansers etc.Color cosmetics is also fascinated category of oriflamme products that includes the brands like Giordani Gold Eyes,Giordani Gold Face,Giordani Gold Lips,Oriflame Beauty eyes,Oriflames Beauty Face,Oriflame Beauty Nails etc.

Similarly the fragrance category of oriflame products also includes the many brands like After Hours,Aromabliss,Cherries,Chiffon,Dancing lady, Deep Impact, De Marco,Divine,Excite,Frey,Freya and Life Circle etc. Oriflame has more than 50 websites that includes the complete information about the company and all its oriflame products worldwide.


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