Pampered Chef a Scam?

Pampered Chef a Scam?

Pampered Chef a Scam?

Is the Pampered Chef a Scam? It’s just a misleading statement. Before starting discussion on this statement, it’s necessary to take a look over The Pampered Chef, Ltd’s operations. Actually The Pampered Chef was established in 1980 by the Doris Christopher who was a Home Economics teacher. The idea of this company was generated in her mind when she wanted to do all her kitchen work in easy and quick way so in order to accomplish this goal she started to manufacture such kitchen tools that were easy to use and finished the work quickly and proper way.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd is the member of DSA (Direct Selling Association, Ltd) and accomplish its obligations of having high standards of business practices with respect to the DSA.The Company that is a proud member of DSA could not be scam.

Now-a-days The Pampered Chef, Ltd is one of the leading global companies that focus on the direct selling and flourished into a $ 700 million business. The Pampered Chef, Ltd is providing its consultants a great home based business opportunity. For availing these opportunity consultants have to provide the full information about the kitchen tools, cooking tips and recipes to the consumer and by doing this they have the chance of enjoying a high earning rate that depends on their sales and party sign up.

The company has 60,000 consultants throughout the world. A scam company can never have such a distribution network system. Today, The Pampered Chef, Ltd offers a wide variety of the kitchen utensils and food products worldwide and operates its network in five different markets. The Company’s rules of conducting business are also approved by the OFT (Office of Fair Trading; the office that help the consumers and explained the consumers their rights, protections etc).Approval of OFT ensure that The Pampered Chef can’t be a scam.

The company has also won the “Direct Selling Association’s New Business Award “in 2002.Is this achievement making a company scam? Breast Cancer has become more common in UK, so in order to spread awareness among the women of UK about cancer and its further research regarding its early treatments and precautions, The Pampered Chef, Ltd had decided to alliance with Cancer Research, UK for Help Whip Cancer in 2007.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd had raised fund from the sale of its product named as pink limited-edition and provide it to Cancer Research UK so that the fund could be use to support such programs like early detection of the symptoms of disease and possible cure that are helpful to protect the nation from this disaster disease and their alliance have collected a fund of 300,000 pounds to Help Whip Cancer. How a company that is working for such a good cause can be involved in scamming?


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