PartyLite Consultants

PartyLite Consultants

PartyLite Consultants

PartyLite is one of the leading direct sellers of candles (that are crafted from the wild bayberries) and quality home fragrances with more than 100 new products each year with over 60,000 Partylite Consultants throughout the world.

The head quarter of PartyLite is located in Plymouth, Mass, United States. The Company was founded in 1909 by the Mabel Baker. PatyLite is the member of Blyth, Inc that is a leading designer and marketer of home fragrance &home décor products and also listed on New York Stock Exchange.

PartyLite works in more than 18 countries worldwide with annual sale of $600 million with the help of Partylite Consultants. PartyLite is providing an awesome opportunity to establish the home based business.
Basically there are 3 ways to become the part of Partylite Consultants. First way is to build a business in which consultant has to sell the PartyLite products at $1400 in a month and hence consultant will be able to generate a profit of 25% of sale i.e. $350 in a month.Alongwith if the Consultant succeed to sponsor a new consultant, then Consultant will be in position to enjoy an additional $100 cash bonus in a month. So collectively Consultant will earn $450 in a month.

Similarly again in second month, Partylite Consultants will sell product at $1400 at the 25% profit but at this time on the sponsor of a new consultant, the member Consultant will enjoy a Team Leader Bonus of $250.So in second month the Consultant will enjoy an earnings of $600 ($350+$250).

Now in third month the Partylite Consultants have to sell the PartyLite product at $2000 at the 32% profit of sale i.e. $640 but at this stage the Consultant has become a Unit Leader (you and your team sponsor 4) and being of Unit Leader, the PartyLite Consultants will also enjoy the Unit Leader bonus of $500 plus a $500 award for promoting in your first 3 months.

Hence in 3 months the Partylite Consultants will earn total income from sales of $1340 and extra PartyLite bonus potential of $1350.So collectively the total income of Consultant is $2690 plus $300 in product certificates. In this way, Partylite Consultants are not only able to establish its own business as well as to create special moments like enjoy world class trips and build the great friendships etc.For selling the PartyLite product, PartyLite provides some guidance to the Partylite Consultants that how to get started but its totally depends on Consultant to use these guidelines or not or use its own ways.

These guidelines are

1. Schedule a Starter Show means just receive the starter kit at no cost and start the booking of first parties.
2. Start Gathering Orders means the Consultant has to submit $350 in orders and will receive the Starter Kit at no cost.
3. Simply Purchase a starter kit for $175 and start earning immediately.

Second way to become the Consultant is to host a party in which Consultant has the opportunity to get the free products of PartyLite for sale by inviting your friends to PartyLite Shop already. Third way for the Partylite Consultants, is to join the PartyLite preferred as a Charterer member but this way will officially launches in this summer.PartyLite believes on long-lasting relationships so it is helpful for the Partylite consultants to make their future secure.


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