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Partylite is one of the leading direct sellers of candles and home fragrance products are famous for its fascinated entrepreneurial home based business with over 60,000 consultants throughout the world. The headquarter of Partylite is located in Plymouth, Mass, United States. Actually, The Company was founded in 1909 by the Mabel Baker. Actually she was a school teacher and in start she just crafted the candles from the wild bayberries that grew in her native Cape Cod for her family and friends as a gift. But later on she realized the importance of her skills and thought to turn her love of candles into business.

With the continuous efforts and hard work of Mabel Baker, the Partylite had taken the worth of $6 million in 1965.In 1973; Partylite also formed a subsidiary with a name that might just sound familiar named PartyLite Gifts, Inc. Today, PartyLite has expanded its business to a vast selection of quality home fragrances with more than 100 new products each year. All Partylite products are only sold by Partylite consultants and catalogs in order to build a long-term relationship.

Actually Partylite is the member of Blyth, Inc (a leading designer and marketer of home fragrance & home décor products that is traded on New York Stock Exchange). PartyLite works in more than 18 countries worldwide with annual sale of $600 million. PartyLite’s also focus to pay full attention on keeping the environment sustain and that’s why use the environmental principles of reduce, reuse and recycle its all operation.

All Partylite branches around the world are actively using the recycle materials ranging from the paper and plastic to cardboard and even batteries. By the usage of energy-efficient technology, PartyLite has able to reduce the power usage. PartyLite is also trying to help the needy persons to make the life pretty for them. So in order to gain this motive, the Partylite focused on the “ACS (American Cancer Society)” for charity purposes in 1977. PartyLite yearly donates the “ACS” through the help of PartyLite family leaders, Consultants and Customers that are involved in their communities.

In 2010, $820,512 donation of Partylite took their 13 years total contribution to just over $12.2 million. In 2010 the PartyLite also joined the “Making Strides National Team” and participate in its program of collecting donation for spreading the awareness of Breast Cancer disease among the women. Since 2008, the PartyLite is also working with “Relay for Life” for raising fund for the purpose of Breast Cancer awareness. Hence PartyLite is considered in an elite group of 8 Companies with National Teams including in both “Relay for Life” and “Making Strides” against the Breast Cancer events throughout the country.

Not only in these institutions, Partylite also involved in some other charitable efforts like PartyLite consultants have contributed a charity of more than $320,000 to “Ronald McDonald Houses”. The PartyLite has also contributed through its products like PartyLite has donated products with a retail value of more than $12.6 million to the “Today Show” charities. In the last 13 years the Partylite has donated collectively an amount of more than $12 million to the “ACS”.

That’s why American Cancer Society has honored the PartyLite with the “Society’s Corporate Impact Award” for the last 5 years in respect of giving $1 million in a calendar year. Due to its true and real commitment towards the ethical business operations, Partylite strictly follow the DSA’s code of ethics.


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