PartyLite Products

PartyLite Products

PartyLite Products

Partylites is one of the leading direct sellers of candles and home fragrance products are famous for its fascinated entrepreneurial home based business with over 60,000 consultants throughout the world. The head quarter of PartyLite is located in Plymouth, Mass, United States.

Actually, The Company was founded in 1909 by the Mabel Baker. PartyLite works in more than 18 countries worldwide with annual sale of $600 million. Today, PartyLite has grown its business to a wide range of quality home fragrances with more than 100 new Partylites products each year. All PartyLites products are only sold by PartyLites consultants and catalogs in order to build a long-term relationship.

Partylites use the quality material to manufacture its exclusive products. All PartyLites products are first passed through the testing process in the state-of-the-art labs for the quality assurance of the products and to maintain PartyLites goodwill.

Now-a-days, PartyLites has introduced some new Partylites product range for a limited time period i.e. for summer 2011 like one category is Garden Critters that includes the Happiness Frog Tealight Holder, Love Frog Tea light Holder, Peace Frog Tea light Holder, Metal Butterfly Votive Holder, Metal Ant Votive Holder, Metal Dragonfly Votive Holder and Metal Snail Votive Holder.

The Garden Critters is basically for fanciful friend’s pair to enjoy their summer mood with its fragrance. Another PartyLites product category for summer 2011 is Island Inspiration™ that includes the Island Inspiration Centerpiece, Island Inspiration Mini Lantern, Island Inspiration Pillar Hurricane, Island Inspiration Solar Wind Chimes, Island Inspiration Tea light Holder, Island Inspiration Wall Sconce, Zen Water Fountain and Sun Sconce. And Island Inspiration category is to feel the consumer a tropical charm in and outdoor of the house.
Pop Fusion ™ is also Partylites product that is for limited summer time period and it includes the Pop Fusion Pillar Garden Tray, Pop Fusion Mottled Layered Round Pillars and Pillar Garden, 18 Piece Tea light Sampler, Pop Fusion Pillar Holder, Pop Fusion Reed Diffuser Holder, Pop Fusion Tea light Holder and White Pebble Grain Tray in order to boost up your energy level this PartyLites product category is very effective. Similarly another category is Summer ScentGlow™ Warmers that includes the ScentGlow Warmer Crashing Waves, ScentGlow Warmer Seashore, ScentGlow Enchanted Frog Prince, Scent plus Melts and Invent Your Summertime Scent to inspire you with its fragrance without the flame.
The last Partylites product in this summer 2011 range is Serene Seaside that comprises the Blue Waves Tea light Holder, Clear Pillar Holder, Starfish Tea light Holder, Mirrored Tray and Symmetry Pillar Holders so that you may capture the charm and attractiveness of oceans even at your home. There are many Partylites products that reach the ParyLites at the top position, these products include Candles (Tea lights & Votives, Jar Candles, Pillar & Ball Candles, Unscented Candles etc),Home Fragrance (Fruits & Citrus,Floral,Herbal & Woodsy, Edible & Spicy and fresh & Clean etc),Candle Accessories, Fragranced Air Care, Air Care Dacor,Bath & Body Care etc .
All Partylites Product are offered at 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and allow the consumer to claim the payment back and return the product within 30 days in case of any damage or defectiveness.


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