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PM International Origin

Pm international is a well known company that deals in wellness products throughout the world and is founded by the Rolf Sorg. Pm international is rendering its services more than 10 years in health field with the best quality, effective and highest safety products. Pm international gave the name “FitLine” to its vast product range.
All the FitLine products of pm international are manufactured according to the “ISO” and “GMP” standards of product manufacturing and are certified by them. The popularity and demand of FitLine of pm international is based on two core concepts of pm international about the manufacturing processes and quality of products that are helpful to maintain the effectiveness and long-lasting ability of the product.
These two concepts are “NGP (Nutrient Group Product)” and the “NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept)”.Both these concepts basically elaborates the quantitive and qualitative aspect, composition, bio-availability and synergy of the products of pm international. The main feature of FitLine of pm international is that it is helpful in creating the more cells in the human body that ultimately enhance the energy and fitness of human body. Hence through the unique concepts of NGP and NTC, the nutrient supplements and the essential elements reach the cells themselves fastly and in large quantity.


Motive of PM International

Actually pm international motive is to provide the health fitness and beauty to the human being from inside and outside through providing the high quality wellness and cosmetic products. So for this purpose the pm international has the well equipped research & development department that is consisted of top class scientists that are continuously researching for new innovation in the products to make it the world’s most selling products.

Pm international also gives the guarantee on its products regarding the safety and quality of the product. Pm international was honored as the “Top 100 Most Innovative Companies” by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Pm international has also evaluated by the “Dun & Bradstreet (one of the world’s leading information company)” and by that evaluation the pm international was considered as the “100 of a possible 100 points and the level 1AA1”.


PM International Business Opportunity

By this evaluation of Dun & Bradstreet, the financial position of pm international became more clear in market that eventually cause an increase in sales of FitLine product and good will of the pm international. Due to the strong credit worthiness of pm international the investors are more interested to invest in pm international. So pm international provide the good and bright business opportunity with full guidance and training to the investors in both sense whether they want to join pm international on a part time basis or as the full time career. Not quite a multi level marketing strategy but worth considering if this is the right product line for you.


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