Reliv a Scam?

Reliv a Scam?

Reliv a Scam?

Is Reliv a Scam? No, it’s just a misconception. So before discussing this statement, it’s necessary to take a glance over the working and commitments of Reliv’s Inc. The company is located near St.Louis in Chesterfield, MO, United States. Reliv, Inc is a direct selling company with a multi-level marketing plan.

Reliv Inc is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements with a wide and reliable network of 64,000 distributors all over the world. Reliv, Inc was founded in 1988 by the Robert and Sandy Montgomery. They took the license of a nutritional formula that was developed by the Dr.Theodore Kalogris in the early 1980’s.They named the formula Reliv Classic that became the Reliv, Inc’s first product.

The formula was granted US Patent number 4,737,364 in 1988. The Company that is working with such a vast set up can’t be involved in scamming. In 2010, Reliv, Inc had achieved an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau of the United States. Reliv, Inc was also ranked number 3 of the “Top 100 International Companies” in International Magazine while in 2005 Reliv International was ranked number11 and again in 2006 the company got ranked number16 by Forbes Magazine’s “200 Best Small Companies” list. A scam company can never achieved such position.

At present, Reliv is operating in 15 different countries by providing the real business opportunities to the investors such as retail sale, wholesale, overrides, cash bonuses&trips, Ambassador Program to the distributors for generation of revenue. In 1997 the company expanded it’s headquarter with a cost of $4 million in order to get the proper manufacturing and distribution space. In 1993, Reliv, Inc had listed on the American Stock Exchange and hence became a publicly traded and legit company. A listed and legally operating company is purely a trust worthy company and can’t be a scam.

In 1995, the company formed a foundation named as “Reliv Kalogris Foundation” in the honor of the late Dr.Theodore Kalogris.The purpose of this foundation is to help combat hunger. How a company that is working for good cause can be a scam. Reliv is the active member of DSA (Direct Selling Association) and conducts its business according to DSA’s rules and regulations. A scam company can never have certain legal rules for its proper operations.

All nutritional supplements and other products of Reliv, Inc are certified by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) as a Hilal food. The Reliv’s product has also the KOSHER Certification to conform that the company’s supplements fulfill all requirements of Jewish Dietary Laws. A Scam Company can never be involved and thought about all these grounds.


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