Reliv Products line

reliv products

Reliv Products line

Reliv Inc is one of the leading companies that deal in nutritional supplements throughout the world. Reliv Inc was founded in 1988 by the Robert and Sandy Montgomery. They took the license of a nutritional formula that was developed by the Dr.Theodore Kalogris in the early 1980’s.They named the formula Reliv Classic that became the first Reliv products.

Hence, “Reliv Classic” from the reliv products range was not only the first product that was introduced but it had also captured the market with large growth and played a core role in the achievements of Reliv, Inc.

As the time passing, every one’s life style has also changed and turned in hectic routine for best survival, So every one wants to remain fit and healthy both physically and mentally but with less or no efforts and time. Keeping in mind, Reliv, Inc has offered a wide range of different reliv products that includes the nutritional supplements, nutritional drinks, skin care and other wellness products that are helpful in providing the optimal health and fresh live with new thoughts and vision.

R&D Department’s focus for Reliv products

All the reliv products are manufactured under strict supervision and attention so that’s why Revil, Inc has refreshed and flourished its research and development department in 2000, in order to accomplish the best results from reliv products regarding customer satisfaction and growth of the business.

The reliv products are manufactured by keeping in mind the three areas of nutritional science that are bioavailability, synergy and optimal levels of nutrient. Hence reliv products fulfill all the requirements related the quality and benefits of International standards for food.

Benefits of Reliv Products

Reliv products are offered with respect to every target market like “Reliv Innergize Cool Punch” targets the sportsmen, with the price of only $5.50; this product is useful in boosting the energy of the sportsmen in their heavy physical activity and prevent the body from the dehydration and equally fruitful for men, women and children.

Some of the reliv products are very beneficial for some fatal diseases like “Reliv Classic” is helpful for the cancer patients in their radiation related fatigue by the daily use. Similarly “NOW” and “Fibrestore” are another range of reliv products that provide the benefit in managing the Dyslipidemia effectively by the daily use.

All reliv products are manufactured by keeping in mind all the code of ethics with respect to religion like all reliv products of Reliv, Inc are certified by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) as a Hilal food and similarly reliv products have also the KOSHER Certification to conform that the company’s supplements fulfill all requirements of Jewish Dietry Laws as well. All reliv products are shake based with good taste and hence easy to use.


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