Review of Amway Products

Review Amway Products

Review of Amway Products

For a multi-level marketing company to last long in the market, it must be able to sustain its ability to supply the market with high quality products that will pass the standards expected of items sold through direct selling. Amway in Australia has maintained its high standard of quality in its line of products. It will be worthwhile to mention some of them in this Review of Amway Products.


Worthy of first mention is Artistry. It is a brand of cosmetics well known in more than 60 countries where it is sold. The fact that it is one of the top five of the world’s leading cosmetics brands in terms of sales, along with Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clinique and Lancome is quite a feat, considering that direct selling brands seldom attain that status. Its product lines of more than 400  are based on the organically sourced Nutrilite extracts, a well known Amway brand.

Another product worth mentioning is Nutrillite.  This brand of vitamins and minerals is well known internationally as it has been consistently awarded by prestigious organizations as the best in its category for the past decade. Among dietary supplements, it is unsurpassed in quality and reputation. It is the only brand certified to come from the manufacturer’s own organic farm. Although in some countries, it is admitted that it is not derived from plants grown at their own farms, but the claim of the organic source of the product is maintained wherever the product is produced and sold.

In the fashion industry, Amway has introduced Emma Page, a line of jewelry known to originate from Melbourne, Australia. It was previously sold through direct selling by many organizations since it was founded in 1972.  Today, it is exclusively sold by Amway in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.  In selling this product, a system of proper sales presentation is taught to the sales persons to ensure that the selling points are emphasized to the customers.

The water purifier eSpring is a novelty product sold by Amway since 2001 when the use of carbon filters and ultraviolet rays were first used introduced in the process of water purification. It can remove lead and many other water contaminants.  Although it is very small in size, it meets most international standards of quality for water purifiers. It is truly a wonder machine.

SA 8 is a washing detergent of the concentrated kind, which simply means that less powder is used when it is used for washing.  It took some time before the leading detergent brands to catch up with its technology and produce a concentrated detergent and a biodegradable type detergent. SA 8 pioneered in such technology in washing clothes and Amway sold the detergent through direct selling. It was consistently rated as excellent by certain consumer organizations.

There are so many more products that were sold and are still being sold by Amway. Satinique is a brand of hair care products that is adored by hair stylists. Another is Icook, a brand of complete kitchenware, with non stick pans and air tight sealed pans for easy cooking. Amway is even selling a brand of air purifier aptly named Atmosphere, which is much sought after gadget for those suffering of asthma and other respiratory troubles. In all these products, quality is always the main consideration of Amway in Australia.


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