Search Engine Strategies and Tips From The SEO Pros

In this post we are going to capture some of the latest SEO strategies published by the well known SEO Pros. We have to start of with  actual strategy. Having a SEO strategy is important and below we can see why.

How to Create an SEO Strategy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization and why SEO strategy is so important to business.

If not, a quick refresher: The key benefits of SEO include higher search rankings via search optimized web pages, increased website traffic, and an overall greater return on investment.

There are several techniques for SEO, ranging from small to large, that you can use to make web pages more search-friendly. This includes optimizing meta descriptions, replacing broken images, and creating unique, engaging content—whichever techniques you want to incorporate, it’s time to stop flying blindly into your SEO strategy. The six questions below can be used to help guide your company in the right direction and make an informed decision about its SEO approach. See more…

It is not always possible to spend $100s and $1000s on SEOservices so below is a post discussing 7 simple low cost SEO tips you can apply if needed.

7 Simple Low-Cost SEO Tips to Boost Your Business Blog

It is a truth universally acknowledged that blogging can be extremely advantageous for your business. In fact, there are few reasons not to keep a business blog.

A blog can drive traffic to your website by incorporating SEO-friendly keywords and skyrocket your search engine rankings. It also opens up a valuable channel of communication between you and your clients, builds trust, and generates new leads that translate into tangible business gains.

Even better, a blog can help you establish yourself as an expert within your field, and share your knowledge and experience in an engaging manner.

While creating content for a business blog undeniably requires considerable time and effort, there are a number of free or low-cost ways to optimize your site for search engines. Here are 10 effective and economical ways to become an SEO superhero. Via

We have to mention content writing and who better to tell us about it than the famous John Chow. He writes about content which promotes itself. We love reading John’s posts as he produces amazing results. This article was written by Rizvan.

Strategies to Write Content That Promotes Itself | John Chow dot Com of the hardest tasks facing people in the blogging world is promoting their content. With so much competition, it’s no wonder attracting an audience is so difficult. Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot of research on marketing strategies, trying to narrow down the different channels we have available. I’ve explored banner advertising, organic search, social media, guest blogging, etc. The good news is, over the years, I learned some very amazing things about NOT only writing content, but also marketing. Did you know you can utilize some cool strategies to create content that pretty much promotes itself? Implementing this strategy isn’t difficult at all because you just have to be creative.

The next time you sit down to write content, focus on writing content that promotes itself.

I’ve mentioned this several times before, that all content writing should start with an effective research process. Through research, you can find trending topics that will create a buzz instantaneously. If you want content to self-promote itself, then it’s important to write content people want. I always suggest finding a common problem within your niche then finding competitor content on that topic. Why? You’re going to want to create content better than your competitors, so you have higher engagement than them on social channels and organic search engines. Here’s an example,

The importance of writing content that promotes itself. Implement these elements the next time your write content. Via

What is a SEO strategy without SEO Tools. Below we have a mention of best Google analytics SEO tools.

Best Google Analytics seo tools to build your strategy of 2017

Search engines like google, bing serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.But why is SEO is too critical to the success of your business online?

The holy grail for online marketers centers around getting your site on the first page of a Google search results page.

Why only Google?

Because it currently owns 50% the market of all searches.

If you further optimize your site in such a way that it brings in quality website traffic, you will get the ultimate return on your investment. See more…

There is no overnight solution when it comes to SEO. Below Jason talks about this topic.

To Create an SEO Strategy, You’ll Have to Be Patient

We’ve all heard the saying patience is a virtue.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, my guess is that patience may not be your strongest quality. In order to grow a business and keep things afloat, you need to be moving quickly at all times. Yet, if you want to populate on the first page of Google organically and improve your SEO, patience is what differentiates the pretenders from the contenders.

Related: Intelligent Search Drives More Customers to Your Business Than Your Website

In 2012, my marketing agency had just celebrated its two-year anniversary. We were a very young company. My sister and I started The Media Captain in 2010 and two years later, we had just landed our biggest account. We would be responsible for managing the SEO of a national company in a very competitive industry. We were somewhat blindsided, however, when we found out that we’d be working alongside a much larger agency. Not a huge deal — we were just excited to prove we could manage this campaign by ourselves. Via

A final article we enjoyed is about YouTube SEO. We must understand how to optimis for  our videos for YouTube search.

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search I was just a wee lass and HubSpot was first starting to make a name for itself, inbound marketing was a brand new idea. Marketers were learning that they couldn’t just publish a high volume of content — it also had to be high-quality and optimized in ways that made it as discoverable as possible through search engines.

And once upon a time, that content was largely limited to the written word. Eleven years later, that’s no longer the case — a comprehensive content strategy includes written work like blogs and ebooks, as well as media like podcasts, visual assets, and videos.

That last part — video — continues to be on the rise. According to the 2017 State of Inbound, marketers named video as a huge disruptor. “I mostly write content right now,” one respondent said, “but I’m afraid it may begin to diminish more and more with video.”


That is all from our first SEO post and be assured we have more coming. Let us kno what yout hink by commenting below.

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