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Social media moves very fast. Sometimes faster than we would like and keeping up can be a struggle sometimes. So here is what has been happening in last 3 days. announced that Facebook has finally dropped the annoying “Trending News” section. It was not so bad on the website but on the app it was quite irritating in my opinion. To find out more see article link below.

Facebook finally kills its terrible Trending news section a surprising Friday news dump, Facebook announced it will remove the Trending news section from its website and app.  The company says its users are increasingly consuming news through mobile and video, and it will begin to focus its attention on those two categories. The Trending section will be removed for all users by next week. SEE ALSO: The best doughnuts in America, according to our dough-loving staff In a statement, the company said: Facebook says it’s exploring new ways to help people stay informed about up-to-the-minute news events including things like working with 80 publishers to add a new breaking news label to posts on in the News Feed. Read more Facebook finally kills its terrible Trending news section

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If you have been interested in SEO at any stage you must have heard about the term “Algorithm”. Many marketers try to find out how certain algorithm work so they can optimise their content on the desired platform. In all honesty I have never really been a big fan of Instagram but I can see the great value in it. Below is an great article by discussing the latest Instagram Algorithm reveal.


Instagram Explains How its Algorithm Works in New Briefing has revealed more about how its sorting algorithm works to help users get a better understanding of its systems.  Instagram Explains How its Algorithm Works in New Briefing



There is no secret that many teens are attached to teir phones and social medial. discusses the stats of American teens and their online behaviour. Interesting read.

Nearly half of American teens are online ‘almost constantly’’s about double what it was three years ago. If it seems like young people are always online, it’s because they are — well, at least that’s the case for about half of them. Some 45 percent of American teens say they are online “almost constantly,” according to a new survey from Pew Research. That number has nearly doubled from the 24 percent who said they were always online in Pew’s 2014-2015 study. The results varied by gender. Fifty percent of girls said they were always online compared with 39 percent of boys. Nearly half of American teens are online ‘almost constantly’


Have you ever tried to change your online perception. Meaning have you ever wanted to bee seen as an expert on something else than you currently are? socialmediaexaminer has inteviewed Amy Landio on this topic. Worth checking out.

Personal Brand Pivot: How to Become The Next You how you can become known for something new? Looking for tips to help you focus your brand on a different area? To explore how to pivot your personal brand, I interview Amy Landino. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed [ Personal Brand Pivot: How to Become The Next You


The final peace of content I would like to recommend to you is about the future trends

Predicting the Future of Media and Entertainment a high resolution version of this graphic View the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here. Over your lifetime, the consumption of media and entertainment has already changed drastically. For Boomers and Gen Xers, the shift has been earth-shattering. Both generations will remember a time before mainstream computing when TV was dominated by the Big Three TV networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS), and newspapers and magazines were the main way to stay in touch with what was happening. Even millennials have seen fundamental shifts in consumption of media. After all, they experienced the rise of social media, online news, streaming, and digital video firsthand. Predicting the Future of Media and Entertainment

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