Synthetic Oil: AMSOIL’s new OE Range

AMSOIL synthetic oil

Synthetic Oil: AMSOIL’s new OE Range

The most awaited request of the customer of OEM or also known as “Original Equipment Manufacture” drain synthetic motor oils for gasoline engines are now out on the market. “Original Equipment” or OE was first launched last October 2010. It was designed as direct replacement for OEM oils that has been known in the market for a very long time.

Nowadays, 92% of synthetic motor oils in the market are with the standard of OEM suggested drain interval for synthetic motor oils.  Lower initial cost and affordable price is what OEM oil types bring to their customers. There are no concerns regarding the warranty of cars, the preference of customers to remain with OEM suggestions and as well as the market installer request for the types of OEM oils for extended drain motor oils.

AMSOIL synthetic oil still pioneers extended drain interval motor oils do not offer very good quality alternatives for regular drain oils just like Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec and the likes.  But as automotive manufacturers increase their standard, requirements and drain interval specifications for OEM motor oils, they joint to make a new product of proven and high quality synthetic oils that fulfill the specifications of OEM and as well as its drain intervals which helped AMSOIL synthetic oil improve their products.

High quality oils as alternative for well known products are now offered by AMSOIL synthetic oil in the form of AMSOIL synthetic oil OE series motor oils that can outperform and replace regular drain intervals of synthetic and even the non synthetic ones.  It is already a certified API SN, and ILSAC GL-5 which is recommended for GM Dexos1 applications. AMSOIL synthetic oil OE oils should also be used as specified by owners for manual and oil monitoring system. Everyone can now shift to AMSOIL synthetic oil OE products for quality and protection because it now ranges from 5w20, 5w30 up to 10w30 gooeyness in gasoline engines.

Synthetic has been the late preferred choice of customers because of the advantage on its performance. According to the theory of synthetic lubricants, AMSOIL synthetic oil OE products now have higher protection than any other products that are in the market. Before it developed and launched the World’s first API certified 100% synthetic oil for motors and commercial vehicles, 38 years back, it was first known to as aerospace industry aviation.

AMSOIL synthetic oil is the first synthetic oil and as well as first in terms of quality, protection and performance that satisfies the users. It is the only company in the world that has the right of using the trademark, “The First in Synthetics.”


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