The ACN Business Buzz

ACN Business

The ACN Business Buzz

Multilevel Marketing companies such as ACN business are the entire buzz in today’s money hungry world. Through becoming a member, individuals will have the opportunity to earn more money in ACN Business only if they have the right skill and a very high level of determination. Most people who fail to make money in ACN Business automatically accuse it of being scam or a fraud for what the company promised to them did not materialize in their whole time with the company. To avoid such fatal failures, there are things that you can do when you join the ACN Business.

ACN is the acronym for American Communications Networkd, Inc. which opened in 1992. The founders of ACN Business include Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and the brothers Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz. The company is dedicated to selling items that are related to communications and promises to bring quality service to all consumers. Their products include digital phone services with the ACN Iris Video Phone, local and long distance phone services, Internet services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), wireless services, the ACN mobile world, home security services, energy services, and satellite televisions. When it opened, ACN Business took the form of Multilevel Marketing which allowed the company to expand rapidly with the help of individual marketers who enthusiastically join the team.

In the first years of operation, the ACN Business made grand total earning of more than $2 million. This was an amazing feat for a company that time for ACN Business started its operations with only 20 initial representatives to sell their products. As it happened, the business grew and opened focal point offices in different regions outside the American continent. This was the reason why the company was listed in Inc. Magazine as the 22nd fastest growing private company in the year 1995 in their issue, Inc. 500. Not only that, ACN Business has also scored an appreciation from Mr. Donald J. Trump, a world renowned business man and television personality, which earned ACN Business his endorsement. Since then, Mr. Trump has been to the company’s seminars and conferences talking about business opportunities and encouraging individuals to join and do their best to sell and earn in the process.

Almost anyone can join the highly skilled team of ACN Business as long as they are of legal age and have the courage to face the unknown. Joining ACN Business as an independent marketer requires you to cash out $499 for a startup fee. After that, you just have to fill up registration forms and you can start earning your money. As typical for MLM companies, you may earn money from ACN’s compensation plan. There are two ways to earn money from ACN Business:

1. Sell their products. The compensation plan states that for every product you sold, you get 20% of the amount as commission. In this way of getting money, people would have to do very hard work and must have quite a thick face, so people say. According to successful independent marketers, when you sell products you have to be ready for rejections and unprecedented shame and rejection. Independent marketers or representatives must be able to convey messages and information convincingly and also is able to channel what the customer wants to hear. After a sale has been closed, you can still earn from residual income. As long as the customer stays a subscriber to any product of the company that you have sold to him/her, you will continue receiving earnings from it.

2. Sponsor. The second method of earning money in ACN Business is to sponsor new representatives or distributors. This is also building your downline. What you need to do in this method is to share the earning opportunities that ACN can provide to people. What you need to look for are personalities that are not quitters. Try to look for those individuals who seem the type not to quit or back out in any challenge and who seems very eager to learn and earn. Many people that you can convince to join would either quit the work in as early as few months or continue earning big money. When you do this type of method, you need to be prepared to become a mentor. Help your new recruits by teaching them the basics and guiding them until they can set up on their own. Prepare group meetings and seminars and special presentations for your team. After all, you will benefit from their earnings.

Joining ACN Business does not guarantee success. Joining the team of ACN Business’s independent marketers only means that you now have an opportunity to earn more. This is what most people who join the team forget. When people fail to earn money like what the ACN Business has promised, they start rumors. The most famous among these rumors and probably the one that never dies is the scam issue. People have plagued MLM companies with issues concerning their legality and credibility. Some of these even went as far as lawsuit claims and legal accusations. However, ACN Business has been triumphant so far from all the issues that were thrown at it.

There are many reasons why people fail in ACN Business. One reason being they are not just fit for the job. You see, according to top ranked representatives, being an independent marketer is no easy job. You have to have a thick face and quite the stamina and determination to continue on the path. People often give up easily and gets easily discouraged by a “No” and a snob from their potential customer or recruit. Remember that today’s competition is tough, according to many, and that you should be able to compete well and have the stomach to take in the trials. Succeeding in ACN Business requires guts, skills, determination, and the right connections and instinct. ACN Business provides great earning opportunities that anyone can take advantage of. MLM companies such as the ACN Business can provide a better earning route for almost anyone. The key to success in any MLM business especially in the ACN Business is to have the right contacts and a good amount of dedication. According to experts, marketing can be learned but determination could not.

ACN Business is a legitimate company that offers wonderful ways of earning for highly determined and focused individuals. It offers a compensation plan for its team of individual marketers to earn money and succeed in their business. Moreover, ACN Business has been plagued by intrigues and issues that sometimes goes to court trials but have always trumped upon them.


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