American Communications Network or ACN is an 18 year-old telecommunications and MLM company.  At present, they operate in more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.  ACN’s compensation plan is relatively easier to understand compared to other big MLM companies.

Acquire and Recruit

As a part of ACN MLM, representatives aspiring to receive more bonuses and income are required to do two things: First, acquire customers; second, recruit representatives.  You can choose to simply sell their products as a customer representative with a $99 start-up cost.  You are then just entitled to earn your Monthly Residual Income based on your customers’ usage using the Personal Commissions table from the ACN compensation plan.

If you are the type who wants to get to the top positions, you can earn extra from the Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB) and Residual Override apart from your Monthly Residual Income starting as a Team Trainer with a $499 start up cost.

From being a Team Trainer (TT) you then go up to these positions:  Executive Team Trainer (ETT), Executive Team Leader (ETL), Team Coordinator (TC), Regional Director (RD), Regional Vice President (RVP), and Senior Vice President (SVP).

Monthly Residual Income

The Monthly Residual Income is the commission you receive based on your customer’s usage.  In computing your commission, you simply use the Personal Commissions table.

Personal Commissions:

Billing Volume                           Commission

$0 – $1,999                             2%

$2,000 to $3,999                     3%

$4,000 to $5,999                     4%

$6,000 to $7,999                     5%

$8,000 to $9,999                     6%

$10,000 to $12,499                 7%

$12,500 up                             8%

For example, as a customer representative, you have 10 customers in California subscribed to ACN Advantage Plus with a monthly plan of $36.99 and do not exceed their plan rates.  For the ten customers, you get a billing volume of $369.90, which puts you in the $0-$1,999 bracket in the Personal Commissions table.  You then get a monthly residual income of 2%, which is equivalent to $11.09 only.

Residual Override

Residual Override is your commission from the customers of your organization.  Only Team Trainers or representatives in higher positions are eligible to receive the residual override.  Of course, to get the commission, you must meet the qualifications stated in ACN’s Monthly Commission Structure table.  Customer Points (CP) are simply points that ACN assigns to their plans, products, and services.


Levels Commission for Digital Phone Service Commission for all other New Zealand ACN Services CP Required
You 1%-10% 1%-10% 1%
1 1/4 % 1/4 % 10
2 1/4 % 1/4 % 10
3 1/2 % 1/4 % 20
4 1% 1/2 % 20
5 2% 1% 40
6 3% 2% 40
7 8% 7 40
Open Line RD 1% ½ % RD Earns –
the outlined commissions
on all customers
below 7th level to an
unlimited number of
levels to the next RD,
RVP or SVP’s 7th level.
This commission
Structure is for RDs only.

The Monthly Commission Structure table continues on to these levels with corresponding requirements similar to the Open Line RD level: 1st Generation RVP, 2nd Generation RVP, Open Line SVP, and 1st Generation SVP.

ACN places a footnote for their Monthly Commission Structure compensation plan:

Upline commissions are halved when the personal billing volume exceeds $4,000.

RDs, RVPs and SVPs must maintain the requirements for TT qualification in order to be eligible to be paid downline commissions.

Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB)

ACN Team Coordinators and higher positions are eligible to receive CAB.  TCs or higher receive this when their newly recruited Team Trainers qualify in just their first 30 days, with these terms and conditions:

A Representative must maintain the requirements for TT qualification in order to be eligible to be paid a CAB.

CAB Types:

Open Line CAB – bonuses for having representatives below your position who help their own representative qualify within their first 30 days.

Generational CAB – bonuses for your representatives who are in the same position as you are and help their own representatives qualify within their first 30 days.

Open Line $50 $30 $30
1st Generation $20 $15 $15

ACN’s compensation plan sounds easy enough to be understood by anybody.  For me, that is a good thing.  Less is more, as they say.  But just like in other MLM companies, the way to go in ACN is to start as a Team Trainer if you are serious about making more money.  Because the compensation plan calls for acquiring customers and recruiting representatives, you ought to know a lot of people, or at least know how to get leads to succeed.


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