The Amway Arena

Amway Arena

The Amway Arena

The Amway Arena is now a defunct building in Orlando, Florida was it served as home for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Since Amway Arena Opened in 1989, critics have been skeptic about the buildings construction claiming that it is outdated even though it passed and is based upon NBA’a qualifications. Amidst the criticisms, Amway Arena has played host to some of NBA’s most notable games like the one played between Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for Amway Arena were made in 1987 and it opened on January 29, 1989. The city government of Orlando was interested in creating their own local arena for its own use way before sports enthusiasts and the city council though of franchising from NBA. The construction of Amway Arena began in January 1987 which was four months after the approval of the NBA Board of Governors to bring the city of Orlando into their world famous league. Two years later, Amway Arena was opened to public which cost more than $110 million to build and can accommodate 15,291 spectators. Between 1994 and 1995, the seating capacity of Amway Arena was increased by 2000 making the total of 17,519 fans. From then on, Amway Arena has received special awards and citations including the Arena of the Year award from Performance Magazine in 1991 and the nomination for Bes Indoor Concert Venue from Pollstar Concert Industry Awards.

Critics stated that the arena was already outdated when it first opened. When Amway Arena was just 5 years old, the Orlando Magic expressed their desire for renovation. In fact, in 1996 the Orlando Magic spent $100,000 for renovation ideas from Conventions Sports & Leisure Minneapolis. In 1997, the renovation of Amway Arena already seemed not so plausible for it would cost the team $75 million. Today, Amway Arena no longer serves for the Orlando Magic because of the newly opened Amway Center which was a $1.1 billion project started on July, 2007.

Thought Amway Arena no longer serves for its previous master nor does it have present occupants and tenants, it once had glory and became host to legendary NBA matches and even to various games that are outside of NBA. The most notable NBA games held in Amway Arena are the 2009 NBA Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic, the 1995 finals between Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets, and the May 26, 2010 NBA finals between the Magic and the Boston Celtics. Amway Arena has also played host for the 1992 United States Figure Skating Championships and three ArenaBowl games. Amway Arena has also served for the 1990 WWF Royal Rumble and the WWE Armageddon in 2003. In 2004, John Kerry, a presidential candidate, held a rally inside Amway Arena.


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