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The Pampered Chef Products

The Pampered Chef, Ltd is a leading direct sale global company and flourished into a $ 700 million business with a sale force over 60,000 worldwide. Company’s headquarter is located in Addison, Illinois, United States. The Pampered Chef was formed in 1980 by the Doris Christopher. She took the start from introducing and selling the utensils to the housewives on party plan. Today, The Pampered Chef, Ltd offers a different variety of the kitchen tools, food products and cooks books etc throughout the world and run its network in five different markets.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd provides the Professional-quality tools and provide a guarantee of one year on all Pampered Chef Products. Recently The Pampered Chef, Ltd has introduced some new Pampered Chef Products so that you can cook your meal in less time and effort with the help of The Pampered Chef Products and can enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Some new The Pampered Chef products are in highly in demand like Bakeware,in this category a lot of products are involved, one that is newly entered is Mega Lifter # 2126 and its price is $19.50. This pampered Chef product is used to move the food from the oven to serving platters in easy and simple way. Its use is easy and sells with full using details and also with money back guarantee.

Another product named Baker’s Roller # 1485 with a price of $16.50.It is a detachable pastry tool creates fluted edges and pierces crusts for ventilation with a money back guarantee. Biscuit Cutters # 1103 is another sub category of Bakeware and is used to make the picture of the biscuit perfectly and for other appetizers and desserts etc.The price of Biscuit Cutter is $9.50 with money back guarantee.

Beside this a lot of other sub category products that are present in Bakeware category of Pampered Chef products are listed below Cake Pan Set, Chef Silicone Basting, Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan, Clock/Timer, Cookie Press, Cookie Sheet, Egg Separator, Large Scoop, Large Sheet Pan, Loaf Pan, Medium Scoop, Mini-Tart Shaper, Pie gate, Nylon Knife, Pastry Mat and Torte Pan Set etc.

Another demanding product of Pampered Chef Products, is “Cookbooks” that has the original recipes that are easy to prepare like the Pampered Chef Weekday Dinners, Recipe Card Collection # 2443 on a price of $6.50 that comprises the two menu plans,10 weeknight dinners and also a handy shopping and pantry list with guarantee and also a list of such other books like

1. The pampered Chef 29 minutes to dinner, volume 2
2. The Pampered Chef all new soups
3. Stews & chilis
4. The Pampered Chef all the best
5. The Pampered Chef cooking for two & more
6. The Pampered Chef easy and impressive appetizers recipe collection

The pampered Chef quick vegetarian main dishes etc are included in The Pampered Chef Products with money back guarantee. Cookware is also one of unique product out of Pampered Chef Products with a sub wide range of Cooking Accessories that further includes Baster & Cleaning brush, Chef’s Tongs, Double Boiler and much more. Cookware tools that further includes Bamboo Slotted Spoon Set, Bamboo Spatula set etc and much more.TPC Stainless Cookware and Pampered Chef Executive Cookware with money back guarantee on all The Pampered Chef Cookware products.

The Pampered Chef Products list also includes the Entertaining, Gift Giving, Kitchenware, Outdoor, Stoneware, and The Pampered Pantry with some further sub category products.


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