The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef, Ltd is a leading direct sale global company and flourished into a $ 700 million business. Company’s headquarter is located in Addison, Illinois, United States. The Pampered Chef was formed in 1980 by the Doris Christopher.

Basically Doris Christopher was a Home Economics teacher and she got the idea to make such utensils that are helpful in making food easily and in quick manner. She took the start from introducing and selling these utensils to the housewives on party plan (a system in which the homemaker invites her friends to some social event and gives the demo about the product for awareness as well as selling purpose).

Today, The Pampered Chef, Ltd offers a wide variety of the kitchen tools, cook books and food products etc throughout the world and operate its network in five different markets. The pampered Chef, Ltd is also known for providing its consultants a great home based business opportunity. The consultants have to share the utensils information, cooking tips and other resources with consumer and by this act have the chance to earn high revenue with based on their sales and party sign up. The company has a sale force over 60,000 worldwide.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd is the member of DSA (Direct Selling Association, Ltd) and fulfill its obligations of keeping high standards of business practices regarding the DSA.The Pampered Chef, Ltd’s code of ethics are also approved by the OFT (Office of Fair Trading; the office that help the consumers and explained the consumers their rights, protections etc.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd provides the Professional-quality tools and provide a guarantee of one year on all products. In 2002, The Pampered Chef, Ltd was honored with the “Direct Selling Association’s New Business Award” for the superb working in forming the new direct-selling business in the UK.

The Pampered Chef, Ltd and the Cancer research, UK are together working for Help Whip Cancer. Breast Cancer has become more common in UK, so in order to give awareness to the women of UK about cancer and also the research on Breast Cancer, The Pampered Chef, Ltd has raised fund from the sale of pink limited-edition product and gave it to Cancer Research UK so that Cancer Research UK can used the funds raised by the Help Whip Cancer campaign in favor of such programs like early detection and improved treatments that are helpful in minimizing the Breast Cancer rate.

This combine campaign of The Pampered Chef and Cancer Research was launched in 2007 and since then, they have collected a fund of 300,000 pounds to Help Whip Cancer. Doris Christopher, the founder of The Pampered Chef has listed repeatedly as the nation’s top ten women business owners in Working Women magazine.


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