The Purpose of Mary Kay Reviews

Mary Kay Reviews

The Purpose of Mary Kay Reviews

Mary Kay products have been around for quite some time, and the name is famous for women’s cosmetics and lotions. Yet some Mary Kay reviews raise doubts as to whether you can make money with their opportunity or not. If you’re someone who is interested in learning more about what they offer, this review can help you decide if it’s the opportunity for you.
The Mary Kay Company was founded in 1963 by M.K. Ash, and is based in Addison, Texas. In 1968 the company went public and was traded on the New York Stock Exchange until 1985. At that time Ms. Ash, through a private leveraged buyout, took complete control of the company. As of 2009 the company had $2.5 billion in wholesale sales and nearly 2 million independent distributors.

The company has a wide array of skin care, makeup, fragrances and body lotions. Men’s products include skin care, fragrances and sun care. Perhaps responding to negative Mary Kay reviews in the past, the company literature notes they do not support animal testing for any of their products, and have contributed to alternative testing methods for the past two decades. Mary Kay reviews their product lines on a regular basis to guarantee they offer the products consumers want.


The Consultant is obliged to place a $200 order each quarter. Additional commissions exist as you begin to build your team. Once you have eight personal members you qualify for Sales Director. Your bonus increases to $100 as a Sales Director, and you are encouraged to grow your organization to 30 members with the minimum of 8 being your direct recruits. National Sales Director is achieved as your organization grows to large sizes.

The MK business appears to be practical and you can certainly make a profit as a member if you are willing to work hard and grow your business. Any Mary Kay reviews that talk of scam or raise doubt are likely from disgruntled former members who lacked the necessary marketing skills or perseverance to grow their business. With persistent, focused effort, as required by many MLM opportunities, your work should pay off.

Mary Kay is a trustworthy name listed in the world of cosmetics and beauty care, which the customers have been using for more than 45 years. Mary Kay Ash is the founder of this company. Mary Kay Ash’s achievements and contribution towards this cosmetic business has created a deep impact in the minds of many Americans. Mary Kay Ash, a MLM (multilevel marketing) company has awakened those women, who wish to complete their dreams and generate a mark of their own.

Mary Kay’s skin care and age battling products are very famous in the U.S market. Furthermore, moisturizers and other skin care products including eye care products have received enough accolades globally. This MLM Company is not only popular in U.S., however is also famous in many other countries. Mary Kay’s products have always pampered and met up to the expectations of customers. In addition, Mary Kay also provides personalized beauty and health care services that fit into the needs of every customer.


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