Truth about Amway Global

Amway Global

Truth about Amway Global

There are many reviews which discuss the subject on whether or not Amway is a scam. Many of them conclude that Amway Global itself is not a scam and it is a legit business opportunity, but rather, you can be scammed into joining. Many people find that the way the Amway plan is pitched to people is misleading and that is where the scam part comes in. There are three big misconceptions that people are likely to be lead to believe when they attend an Amway meeting.

First of these misconceptions is that success will come easy. One of the things you will probably be told by either the speaker at the presentation meeting or the person who invited you is that getting sales will come easy because you have friends, family, and acquaintances who will likely support you and buy the products.
But really, no one likes being pitched to or feeling pressured to buy products. Friends and family are more likely to grow tired of trying to be sold on something. Some people have said that it has even hurt those relationships.

The second misconception is that you can easily be an IBO in your free time with just a few hours a week, and then soon grow you business large enough to supersede your current income. While it is imaginable to eventually be successful enough that you could replace your current job, it takes a lot more time than just a few hours a week to start to see any real money. Also, this success is not only achieved with the measure of time you put in. There are other significant factors that come into play, like your talent for sales and personal skills. And the odds are if you do get to replace your current income, it could have taken you many years.

The third big misconception is that Amway and Quixtar is the best way to gain independence and be your own boss. The truth is, with Amway’s MLM structure that is not quite what you will get. IBO’s are not truly entrepreneurs, but rather participants in a complex pyramid system where they don’t actually have much control. In this hierarchy, the orders come from the very top.

We can’t deny that there are some people who have found success with Amway, but the odds of the average IBO becoming an Emerald or Diamond status are very slim.


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