Tupperware Australia

Tupperware Australia


Tupperware was established in 1946 in Orlando, Florida, United States by Earl Silas Tupper. Basically, Tupperware deals in the manufacturing of home products line like preparation, storage and other serving products of kitchen and home. Actually Tupperware is manufacturing and distributing its utensil products as a subsidiary of its parent company named “Tupperware Brands Corporation”.

In December 2006, Tupperware Company changed its name to Tupper Brands Corporation in order to increase the diversification of the products by purchasing the Dallas-Based, Beauty control in 2001 and acquisition of the International Beauty Group in 2005. Tupperware is a direct sales company through an independent sales force of 1.9 million consultants.

Tupperware developed the plastics containers to contain the food and keep it air tight. Tupperware is a publically listed company and traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the signature of “TUP”. Tupperware used the party plan method (a method to advertise the product through inviting the friends and other recognized persons.) to sell its product s that was still in practice because of its effectiveness.

In 1960, Tupperware spread to Europe with the help of Mila Pond that hosted the party in England that gradually spreaded around the world. Tupperware used a technique “Carrot Calling” (a technique in which the representatives of Tupperware have to travel door to door and convince the ladies to run an experiment, usually carrots were placed in Tupperware containers and compared it with anything that the ladies would kept in it) to promote the parties.

Recently, Tupperware has introduced a new business model in North America. The main focus of that model is to use the direct marketing channels to increase the sales growth as well as a flexible and attractive business opportunity to the consultants. Tupperware provides the life time guarantee on its products. Tupperware is basically well known for its storage containers and plastic bowls. But recently Tupperware has introduced some new variety of utensils like fine cutlery, chef’s knives, stainless steel cookware and other kitchen utensils.

Tupperware product line brands vary from market to market regarding its name, color etc but the quality of products remained the same throughout the world e.g a “glass like” range of serving dishes is named “Eleganzia” in UK while the same product is named as Illusions in Australia. Similarly Tupperware bowls that are flatten for storage and have the expansion capability also when needed is named as “FlatOut” in United States, “MiniMax” in England and “GoFlex” in Australia. In China, Tupperware products are sold with the help of franchises “entrepreneurial shopfronts”.


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