Tupperware Compensation Plan

Tupperware Compensation Plan

Tupperware Compensation Plan

Tupperware was founded in 1946. Earl Tupper is the founder of this company. This company was dealing in polyethylene food storage containers. The organization made record sales in 1950s when the company introduced the method of selling products by independent distributors. Tupperware acquired the beauty group in 2005, and replaced his name by Tupperware Brands. Tupperware is trading at New York Stock Exchange and the company declared the sales of $2.2 Billion in the year 2008.

Tupperware also provides the business opportunity to its customers, by joining the company. According to Tupperware Compensation Plan, anyone can join the Tupperware business opportunity by purchasing a Business Kit for $79.99. He may also purchase the Executive Business kit for $119.99 for entering into this business opportunity. By purchasing this kit, the representative is provided with $470 worth products to sell. This is also required by the company to make sales of $250 in the first four months.

Tupperware compensation Plan offers three basic levels

1. Associate Level
2. Manager Level
3. Director Level

To become the Associate, it is required to purchase a Business Kit or an Executive Business Kit, and also to make a sale of $250 in the first four months. To become a Tupperware Manager, a representative is supposed to recruit three associates. The sales volume of his team should be $2000 in a month and he must make a sale of $500 in a month personally. To qualify for the level of Director, the sales volume of representative’s team should be $10,000

According to Tupperware Compensation Plan, usually following types of commissions and bonuses are awarded to representatives

1. Retail Commissions
2. Bonuses on Sales
3. Commission on team performance

Tupperware offers 25% commission on the products sold by representatives. There are some other bonuses that are given on the basis of performance. If a representative exceeds the sale of $1200, he is entitled for a commission of 5% as bonus. The bonus percentage rises with an increase in sales volume. Another bonus of 10% is given to the representative who exceeds the sale volume of $3200.

Tupperware Compensation Plan also offers commissions and bonuses on team performance. These commissions and bonuses are awarded at the levels of Tupperware Managers and Directors. The commissions range from 4% to 8% for Managers Level, while the range of commissions for the level of Director is 6% to 12%. The percentage of commission is calculated on the basis of number of recruits and sales made by the representatives, who are at the level of Managers and Directors.



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