USANA Compensation Plan

USANA Compensation Plan

USANA Compensation Plan

USANA was established in 1992. USANA Inc deals in health care products, nutritional products, weight management products and personal care products. These products are marketed in 14 different international markets, by independent associates working under USANA Compensation Plan. Like other MLM company, USANA has a multi level marketing strategy where the representatives are paid for sales they make directly as well as the sales made by their recruits.

USANA Compensation Plan comprises of different levels that are achieved after meeting the specifications and qualification for each level in order to earn the income that is associated with every level, and it varies by level to level.

Followings are the different levels for compensation plan along with their qualifications

Sharer: It requires the representative to achieve 250 sales volume points on left and right leg
Believer: Qualification for this level is 500 sales volume points on right and left leg
Builder: This level requires 1000 sales volume points
Achiever: for this level, the required qualification is to achieve 2000 sales volume point
Director: For being qualified for this level, it is necessary to meet the 3000 sales volume point
Bronze Director: It requires 4000 sales volume point
Gold Director: This level requires that representative must have one business center for 4 consecutive weeks
Ruby Director: This level has the same qualifications as of Gold Director, except one additional of having two business centers.
Emerald Director: In order to achieve the level of Emerald Director, the representative must have three Business Centers for four consecutive weeks.
Diamond Director: It requires four business centers

After achieving the level of Diamond Director, the next level to move on is Star Diamond, according to USANA Compensation Plan. This level is further comprised of following sub levels.

1. One Star Diamond
2. Two Star Diamonds
3. Three Star Diamonds
4. Four Star Diamonds
5. Five Star Diamonds
6. Six Star Diamonds
7. Seven Star Diamonds
8. Eight Star Diamonds
9. Nine Star Diamonds
10. Ten Star Diamonds

At the level of One Star Diamond, the representative is required to maintain five business centers for four consecutive weeks. The qualification for each next level is the same as for the level of One Star Diamond along with an additional business center consecutively for every next level.

The representatives are entitled for the income under USANA Compensation Plan, in the following different ways

1. Retail Sales
2. Weekly Commissions
3. Matching Bonus
4. Incentives
5. Leadership Bonus
6. Elite Bonus

The primary way for earning is to sale the company’s products to end users, where the representative earns by the difference of wholesale and retail price. Representatives receive the products from company at wholesale price and sell at the retail price prescribed by the company. This makes the profit for them.
According to USANA Compensation Plan, another way for earning is weekly commission that is given to the representatives on weekly group sales volume at the percentage of 20%.

In order to be qualified for matching bonus, the representative must become a Premier Platinum Pacesetter. This enables the representatives to be rewarded 100 % matching bonus for 26 months on the sales volume of associates enrolled by the representatives, who become Premier Platinum Pacesetter.

Incentives are the rewards that are given to the representatives who participate in different contests. In order to be qualified for the Leadership Bonus, the representative must be a top leader who helps other to succeed. This bonus is given to the qualifying Gold Directors or above for helping and training new leaders.

According to USANA Compensation Plan, the Elite Bonus is given to the representatives who touch the heights of the excellence. This bonus is provided to each quarter’s top 30 earners.


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