Well-equipped consultants: does Mary Kay really support their downlines?

mary kay downlines

Well-equipped consultants: does mary kay really support their downlines?

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), one way to approach direct selling, has undoubtedly found its way into the personal care industry.  It’s quite easy, really, given how people have almost been forever searching for the “fountain of youth”.  Just in the last month, internet searches for health and beauty has increased by 10%.

What exactly are multi-level marketing and direct selling?  With all the companies listed in search engines, how would you know which ones could actually be trusted?

One of the top 100 direct sellers in personal care is Mary Kay.  A member of Direct Sellers Association, the company has over 2 million distributors worldwide.  Now operating for almost 50 years with 35 markets in different countries, they started their international venture in Australia in 1971.  In a bit, you’ll learn if a company’s resume is enough to get your own MLM business going.


MLM and Direct Selling Don’t Always Equal Scam

Simply put, direct selling is a method to move products from the manufacturer to the consumer.  MLM is one branch of direct selling concentrating on what we call the compensation plan.  In addition, it focuses on continuously motivating and supporting its members.

A single level marketing is as simple as purchasing a product, say at a discounted rate, from a store and selling it at the market retail price.  MLM, on the other hand, is similar to getting a chance to be the store.  You need buyers who will in turn, sell your products, too.

However, MLM allows you to still profit from the sales made by your buyers.  The good thing about MLM is you want your “buyers” to be “stores”, too.  When that happens, you become the “warehouse” of your “stores”.

Every small movement in sales or levels of members in your team has a great impact on your own profit.  Here, Peter Parker’s “with great power comes great responsibilities” holds very true.  Being at the top of MLM entails mentoring, supporting, and training your downlines.


Foundation for a Well-Equipped Team

In owning a franchise business, the franchisee fails when the company owner neglects his responsibilities to provide marketing support, staff training, and quality product.  More importantly, because franchisees carry the company name, inadequate support from the franchisor simply kills the entire business.

MLM companies become scams when they exaggerate their compensation plans, focus on the number of recruits more than on sales performance, or lack of support to their associates.

Mary Kay In Touch and More

Joining the Mary Kay team puts you at the Independent Beauty Consultant level.  Upfront, IBCs are given training manuals, and product education known as the Showcase to start up their business.

Mary Kay In Touch is the IBCs’ 24 hour venue for training and support.  Because it is online, the answers to the consultants’ questions are just a type away.  Mary Kay also introduced the Applause magazine to serve as a company sales tool for consultants.  Other marketing tools are given quarterly, too.

On top of that, as you move to the other levels of distributorship in Mary Kay, they provide you with company-sponsored events that focus on motivating you and improving your business skills.  Because all products come from one company, associates can be assured of quality and consistency.


An MLM company’s reputation is based on their background, product, and most importantly, support.  Without all of those, you may want to rethink the company you’re joining.


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