What is ACN?

What is ACN

What is ACN?

What is ACN? It is a home based multi-level network marketing company located in Detroit, Michigan. ACN markets and sells technological products such as home phone service, digital phone service, wireless service, Direct TV, VOIP, internet services and the video phone. They give you the option between dial-up, high speed or DSL. A partnership was created between 2 of the top wireless companies to ensure high quality service. As a result, customers are pleased with the crystal clear quality they have experienced while using their digital phone service.

What is ACN? ACN has also gained much attention for their income opportunity, and there are some very real concerns about starting or participating in an ACN business. In this article, we will go through and give an unbiased review of the pros and cons of doing an ACN business, and see if ACN is a great business opportunity…or a great scam.

ACN offers a multi-level compensation plan those pays- out several ways, personal residual income, overriding residual income and bonuses. The personal residual income is acquired from the customers that you recruit. Although you can receive about 10% of the total billing of your customer base, however to achieve that level your total bill has to be about $10,000. Obviously, personal residual income is a few pennies and is useless to new distributors.

On the other hand, overriding residual income comes from the customer base of the representatives who have joined ACN and are apart of your team. For example, when you enroll representatives a percentage of the customer billing they create is considered your overriding residual income. An ACN’s most important source of income is team customer acquisition such as bonuses. Bonuses are generally received as your organization grows. Monthly bonuses are determined by the number of representatives you are someone on your team sign up. Put simply, you get paid when you recruit someone or acquire customers into your business. Obviously, because the market is saturated with technology companies competing, the profit margin is extremely low. Overall, most people struggle with the compensation plan ACN offers.

Of course, there will always be skeptics asking questions like is ACN just another pyramid scheme or is ACN a legitimate business opportunity. Not all businesses are credible. However, ACN has been in business for 15 years, operates in 20 different countries and is endorsed by Donald Trump. Although you can’t be guaranteed to earn a substantial amount of money, there are clearly people who have. Keep in mind that the failure rate in multi-level marketing –MLM is 97%.

You may have realized by now the traditional methods they teach you to promote your business do not work. Representatives learn quickly that their warm market is extremely limited. The only way to succeed in a MLM like ACN you need to learn how to generate high quality leads on auto-pilot. The sooner you learn to accept the value and the power of the internet and attraction marketing the sooner you will become one of the top earners in ACN.


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