What is Numis Network?

Numis Compensation Plan

What is Numis Network?

Numis Network is actually a business that helps the interested people in accumulating the collectible assets basically through their Silver Coin of the Month Club. A form of multi level marketing. This is a USA based business having their Office in Tampa, Florida. The founders of Numis Network are Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent and Jake Kevorkian. The products of Numis are coins that are valuable in nature due to number factors. Some coins have their value because of the precious metals, they are made of. Some coins have the value due to the history aspects.
Numis Network makes a community of the people interested in collecting these collectible assets. Beside this the network also offers the business opportunity for their customers. As the Numis offers the products that are only for collection purposes not for the investment purposes, these collectibles are precious for the people that are keen interested in coins and there is no motive of Numis Network to sell these coins as investment commodities, though these coins are precious because of their nature and kind. So we can say that Numis Network is a coins selling MLM Company.

When someone joins this network, he is supposed to pay $110 per month and beside this, Numis offers the business opportunity to the customers, so customers can earn with the Numis Network and can establish their home based business. Numis Network developed a specific compensation plan to reward the customers who were seeking to develop their personal business. This compensation plan has levels that are achieved on the basis of performance and performance based bonuses and commissions are associated with each level.

The career path in Numis has two stages i.e.
1. To become a Manager of the team
2. To become a Leader

Each of these two stages has specific number of levels, the associate is required to enroll and to maintain a specific number of representatives to attain the levels according to the qualifications associated with each level. The higher the level the representative will be at, the higher will be his level of income. Enrolling and maintaining the customers is the key for the representatives to give growth to their business and to develop their organization under Numis Network. Numis Network provides a training kit to every representative having the training material and all the tools for building their business. There is step to step guide to follow for making your business successful in the training kit provided by the Numis Network.

Numis Compensation Plan

Basically the Numis is dealing in helping the people to accumulate the collectible assets. The company is doing that through a way that is named as “Silver coin of the Month Club”. The Numis Compensation Plan is all about collecting the collectible assets and making the profit by bringing new customers in this network. Getting started is easy as the person first enrolls as an Associate and receives a set of resources immediately that is called as Numis Success System. Numis Success System contains the training material and business building tools that the Associate uses for building and marketing his business. The Associate may also have the opportunity to enjoy the membership in the Silver coin of the month club offered by the Numis network.

Numis Compensation Plan offers a structure to the business of its representative to build his organization. In your coded organization, basically two codes are given i.e.

1. Foundation Team
2. Legacy Team

In order to complete the foundation team, the representatives are supposed to enroll three executives to their foundation team. Once the foundation team is completed, all representatives are linked to the Legacy Team of the Associate. Now each representative works to complete his foundation team and enrolls representatives to their foundation team. It means that all the representatives in the legacy team of the associate should enroll at least three representatives down to complete their Legacy Team. So in this way all the representatives enrolled by those three or more representatives are linked to the legacy team of the Associate.

Numis Compensation Plan offers growth to the business and income by offering levels, and there are specific requirement to meet in order to reach to the specific levels and the associated level of income. So the career path is divided into two phases

1. To become a Team Manager
2. To become a leader

After attaining the starting phases of Associate and Executives, there are the next levels with specific qualifications to meet. Here below is the description of the levels with their required qualifications to attain the level of a Team Manager.

Enroll One Exec = 1 Star
Enroll Two Execs (One on Each Leg) = 2 Star
Enroll Three Execs = 3 Star
Have (4) Active Executive Legs, (2) 1 stars and 1,000 PLV4 = 3 Star Manager
Have (4) Active Executive Legs, (2) 2 stars and 2,500 PLV4 = 4 Star Manager
In order to attain the level of a Leader, the Numis Compensation Plan requires the representatives to attain a set of levels one by one. The description for the levels along with their qualifications are given under
Have (4) Active 1 star legs, (2) 3 star managers and 5,000 PLV4 = 4 Star Director
Have (4) active 1 star legs, (2) 4 star managers and 15,000 PLV4 = 5 Star Director
Have (6) 1 star legs, (2) 4 star directors, and 40,000 PLV4 = 6 Star Director
Have (6) 2 star legs, (2) 5 star directors and 100,000 PLV4 = Ambassador
Have (6) 3 star legs, (2) 6 star directors and 250,000 PLV4 = Silver Ambassador
Have (6) 4 star manager legs, (2) Ambassadors and 500,000 PLV4 = Gold Ambassador

Numis Compensation plan offers different ways to generate income, there are different bonuses and commissions associated with different levels. Here down is the brief description of the bonuses and commissions associated with levels.

Retail commissions and bonuses: from customer purchase the retail commission as well as customer sales bonus can be earned. Retail commission is calculated by the difference of the retail price and the representative’s retail price and the customer sales bonus is 10% of the bonus volume generated from customer purchases.

Fast track level bonus: a bonus of $100 is paid on the sale of the Fast Track Collector Kit. There is also another bonus associated with this type of earning, when an executive enroll a representative, he is entitled to receive a bonus of $10

Binary Pay: Numis compensation plan offer the commission plan that is named as Binary Pay. Here the representative is entitles for a commission on the Bonus Volume generated by left leg as well as the right leg of the representative’s organization. Executives are eligible for the binary bonus only if they have achieved 2Star level by having 2 personally enrolled Executives, with one in each ‘leg’.

Binary Matching: Binary matching bonus is paid your personally enrolled executives of 4stars managers deep. Bonuses range from 5% up to 40% of the income your reps earn through their binary pay.
There are some other bonuses offered by the Numis Compensation Plan. These are

1. Rank Advancement Bonuses
2. Infinity Bonuses
3. Legacy Matching Bonuses
4. Foundation Matches Bonuses
5. 6Star Silver BMW Program

Update: Numis network is no longer in business

What Happened To Numis Network?


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