What is the Purpose of Mary Kay Sales

Selling Mary Kay

What is the Purpose of Mary Kay Sales

Selling Mary Kay sales can be the ideal career choice, particularly for people who prefer flexible hours and enjoy connecting with customers. But to move your business from a sideline hobby to a profitable career requires attention to some key factors. This article provides fundamental guidelines that can make the difference between success and failure, from why Mary Kay products are a good choice to effective customer service techniques.

When you choose selling Mary Kay sales as a career, you are choosing a reputable, high-quality product line from a stable, ethical, and successful company. Mary Kay has been providing high quality skin care and cosmetic products since 1963, and is a well-respected global leader in direct sales. Mary Kay as a company and Mary Kay executives have been directly involved with the Direct Selling Association (DSA), an established trade association that requires its member companies to follow best business practices and adhere to a strict code of ethics. And Mary Kay products stand on solid scientific research in collaboration with dermatologists and medical experts worldwide.


Selling products you use and love makes your job easier and much more fun! Unless you’re a good actor, it’s hard to fake enthusiasm. However it’s easy to be genuine and passionate about products you use and love. If you have been using Mary Kay products for any time, you’re an excellent candidate for a successful career selling Mary Kay. Your knowledge and experience with the products as well as your passion for them is infectious, and will give your customers confidence that they’re buying tried and true products.

Success as an Independent Beauty Consultant requires you to keep track of myriad details regarding customers, inventory, time, and money. Computers have streamlined such tasks, and a professional-level software program that tracks the details for you is worth its weight in gold. Find out what software tools are available, especially programs that are designed for the Mary Kay industry. Then pick the right one, not the cheapest. Look at the reputation of the company, the software features, the frequency of upgrades and improvements, and customer service. A professional business management software program with excellent customer support puts a winning team on your side right from the start.

Besides your customers, your Mary Kay inventory is the next most important aspect of your business. Carry too much and you’ll tie up too much money on your shelf. However carrying too little means you may not have what your customers need when they need them. If you’re tracking your customers’ buying preferences, you’ll notice trends. This helps you set the right inventory levels and decide which products to stock. A good software program should allow you to look at your inventory and your customers’ product usage and provide you the exact information you need.

You never know when you’ll meet a potential customer. Carry your marketing material with you and develop a way of recording information about each meeting or interaction. Remembering and recounting details about your first meeting and all subsequent interactions with a person tells them they are important to you, and indicates your dedication to customer service right from the start. Follow up on samples and, afterward, purchases to see how they like your products.


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