What it takes to make it to the top of the ACN MLM

acn mlm top

What it takes to make it to the top of the acn mlm

The multi level marketing services category make up over 18% of the sales from all product groups, according to the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) statistics.  ACN, Inc. is a telecommunications and utilities company that uses MLM to generate sales, and it falls in the “services” category of the DSA.

Formed in 1993, the company provides various home and business needs such as landline, internet, and wireless communication.  ACN Inc is a member of the DSA, among other top names such as Avon and Amway, and ranks 20th in the top 100 Direct Sellers in their $100 Million Club.

Level Up!

Common in all MLM companies, ACN Inc has levels of leadership that can be earned by their representatives.  Think of this as a promotion of an employee in a company.  The difference is with MLM, you are not an employee.  Rather, it’s a name you choose to represent and build a business on, minus all the paperwork required in forming a business from scratch.

In ACN Inc, you can choose to be a Customer Representative by paying $99, a one-time training and application fee.  You can also opt to sign up as a Team Trainer for a one-time training and application fee of $499.

ACN emphasizes that for all MLM levels, representatives and leaders must acquire and maintain customers to qualify and be eligible to receive the level’s corresponding incentives and bonuses.  After all, the heart of an MLM company is the sales of their products or services, as opposed to pyramid schemes, which aims to recruit rather than sell.

Choosing to sign up as a Team Trainer is square one of the earned levels in ACN Inc.  In other words, this is the start of working smart, instead of working hard.  The positions are as follows:

–      Team Trainer (TT)

–      Executive Team Trainer (ETT)

–      Executive Team Leader (ETL)

–      Team Coordinator (TC)

–      Regional Director (RD)

–      Regional Vice President (RVP)

–      Senior Vice President (SVP)

Customer Points (CP) are points assigned by ACN to their different products, plans, or services.  For example, the All Home Choice Plan is equivalent to 2 CPs.

A “leg” is a sponsored organization.  Think of this as a “branch” of your business.

Below is a table with the different levels for ACN and the qualifications for each position:

Qualifications Leg Period to Qualify
TT -5 CPs
ETT -qualified TT -2 qualified TTs in separate legs (at any level) -within first 30 days
ETL -12 CP -1 ETT in separate legs (at any level)
TC -3 separate legs, each with 200 CPs -first 3-6 months
RD -$50,000 monthly billings of CAN services in the down line RD organization. -have 1 person achieve the TC level or higher in each 3 separate legs
RVP -$75,000 monthly billings of CAN services in the down line RD organization -have 1 person achieve TC level or higher in each 4 separate legs -1 to 2 years
SVP -have 1 TC, RD, or RVP in each 6 separate legs -at least 3 RD or higher legs

Over all, if you work smart, you can be at the top position of ACN in 1 to 2 years.  That’s about the same length of time before a business starts seeing some return of investment.  In MLM, however, specifically in ACN, you start earning income even at square one.


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