What makes Avon a successful 125-year old direct selling company?

Avon MLM business 125 years

What makes Avon a successful 125-year old direct selling company?

How is Avon still shining on their 125th year?  A start-up company is usually given a lifespan of about 3 to 5 years. Once you’ve hit that mark, it’s either you go on or shut down.  On the company’s 5th year, consumers commonly grow tired of the brand or simply forget about it.  Well, it is human to always look for something new.

Long before women in the U.S. were allowed to vote, Avon was already in the direct selling business.  Today, it is a 10 billion dollar company with over 5 million Avon representatives around the world.


Avon makes it stick

Advertising is just one way to promote a product.  The goal of marketing is pretty simple.  Create awareness of your brand’s existence so your target market recalls your brand.  This is precisely what Avon is doing to make sure consumers remember them.  As a result, Avon representatives find it easy to sell their products.

Every month, companies usually invest 2% of their sales on marketing.  Be it on TV, radio, print, even online, how you promote your product creates a huge difference in your business.  Avon is one of the direct selling and MLM companies who understand this: brand recall equals sales.

2004 marked Avon’s booming comeback on TV in the UK.  With a product commercial targeted for women aged 25 to 44, their sales increased by 65%.  In 2006, Avon spent $250 million dollars on ads alone.  The “Hello Tomorrow” campaign was geared not only towards promoting their product, but also encouraging women to be an Avon representative.

Avon also takes advantage of credible celebrities who can very well represent them.  Personalities such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon are just some of the names that boost Avon’s brand and sales.  In addition, local celebrities from different parts of the world represent Avon in their respective countries.


Avon keeps it fresh and updated

Starting out 125 years ago as California Perfume Company, Avon did not stop at selling perfumes.  Eventually, as a direct selling and MLM company, products like make-up, skin care, hair care, jewelry, and even clothing were introduced to the market.  Although Avon mainly targets women, they also launched products for men.  Patrick Dempsey was the celebrity endorser for Avon Unscripted in 2008.

The Avon website ensures consumers’ convenience in shopping for their products.  Moreover, inspiring Avon representatives can easily apply online by just filling out a form.


Avon takes care of their representatives

A $10 investment is good enough, but Avon tops this off with a starter kit that contains all the tools they need for their direct selling business to better equip Avon representatives.  They issue catalogues, which are updated every 2 to 3 weeks with new product campaigns.

Apart from the 20% to 50% commissions and bonuses, Avon provides training and motivational activities, and marketing strategies seminars to their representatives and leaders.  The Avon In Touch allows Avon representatives to call for 24-hour support and more training.


With a company that understands and has what it takes to stay in the direct selling and MLM business for 125 years, you get the kind of guarantee entrepreneurs need – stability.  Avon has done it and will most likely keep doing it.


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