What really is an ACN Incorporated?

ACN Incorporated

What really is an ACN Incorporated?

ACN touts itself as “The World’s Largest Direct Seller of Telecommunication Services”. The ACN Incorporated business offers an array of telecommunication products, including wireless, digital home phone service, high-speed internet, satellite TV, and more. Available in some areas is ACN’s business-class Digital Phone Service, replacing traditional landlines while maintaining traditional features as well as features only available with a digital service. An ACN product that is especially popular is their video phone. And why wouldn’t it be? Just consider one market, baby boomers.

Roughly, 85% of all baby boomers are grandparents. A large number of grandparents do not live in the same town with their grandchildren. Many grandparents would gladly pay the cost of the video phone, not only for themselves but, for their children, just to be able to regularly SEE their grandchildren.

The ACN Incorporated in fact has some very cutting edge digital phone service and video phones as well. One of their featured digital phones is the IRIS 3000 video phone which is a desktop combination of a video phone and telephone, all of which you can access from your home. So, the American Communications Company does seem to have really top of the line products which would be in high demand today.

As for the business itself, ACN certainly appears to be a legitimate network marketing opportunity. However, that is generally the fault of the distributor, NOT of the opportunity. So, how do you build a successful ACN business? In building ANY business there is a core fundamental about consumer behavior that MUST be understood. It is this: People buy because they are looking for solutions to problems.

What exact products does the ACN business market? ACN Inc is actually the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications equipment in the world, specifically focusing on what normal people use everyday, like distance, internet, wireless communications, satellite TV and home security.

Take a close look at your product offering and determine what problem it solves. Your next task is to find those who have that problem. That is your market. It really is as simple as that. Obviously, you want to find as many as you can with that problem to solve. The best way to find the largest number of individuals is by learning to use the internet effectively.

But, how about the ACN Incorporated business opportunity, Yes, it’s the largest seller of direct seller of telecommunication equipment, but how can you make money with it? According to their website, they feature two means, both a initial bonus for quick income and residual income for long term continued profit. Their business model is to introduce people and help them save money on services they already use, and then combine that with cutting edge technology like the ACN video phone.  So, ACN does indeed seem to have a competitive traditional network marketing compensation structure. In summary, is the ACN business a scam? No, not at all, it is an up and coming network marketing company which markets excellent products with a good compensation plan.

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