XanGo Compensation Plan

XanGo Compensation Plan

XanGo Compensation Plan

XanGo, LLC is a private International MLM company. This company was established in year 2002, on 11 September in Lehi Utah, United States. This company was a mutual effort of six men, Aaron, Kent, Brain, Joe, Gorden and Gary. Basically company deals in manufacturing and distribution of XanGo juice that is a product of blended juice. Recently XanGo is operating in about 36 countries, all over the world having a network of more than 1,000,000 independent distributors. These independent distributors are paid according to Xango Compensation Plan.

This compensation plan is comprised of different levels, like many other Multi Level Marketing companies. These levels have their specific qualifications to meet in order to be qualified. Followings are the different levels of Xango Compensation Plan.

1. Representative
2. Preferred Representative
3. 1K
4. 5K
5. 20K
6. Premier
7. 100 K Premiers
8. 200 K Premiers
9. 500 K Premiers
10. Quantum Premier
11. X1 Premier

These are the eleven levels, and each level has its on specifications to meet, in order to be qualified. For starting as a representative, he is supposed to make a personal purchase of 100. A Preferred Representative is one, who has 100 ADP. ADP means automated delivery program. It means that an automated delivery of minimum 100 per month.

According to Xango Compensation Plan, in order to be qualified for the level of 1K, the representative must have 100 ADP, 100 GV and 3 personally recruited Preferred Representatives or customers. While the level of 5K requires the representative to achieve 5000 GV, 100 ADP and 3 personally recruited 1K. To be qualified for the level of 20K, a representative must have 20,000 GV, 200 ADP and 5 personally recruited 5K.

Xango Compensation plan requires a representative to achieve minimum GV of 50,000 plus two 20K and one 5K personally sponsored representatives, in order to be qualified for the level of Premier. To become a 100K Premier member, the representative must have 100,000 GV and additionally three 20K and one 5K personally recruited members. For becoming a 200K premier member, the requirement for GV raises to 200,000 plus one 20K and three premiers. And for being at the level of 500K Premier, it is required to acquire 500,000 GV plus one 200K, two 100K and 2 premiers.

Quantum Premier and X1 Premier are the top high levels of XanGo Compensation Plan. These levels require a representative to fulfill the requirement of 750,000 GV and 1,000,000 GV respectively, in order to be qualified for these levels.

There are mainly four different ways, through which the company pays to their independent distributors.

1. Retail Sales
2. Power Start
3. Uni Level
4. Bonus Pools

Representative gains a profit by getting the products at wholesale price from the company and selling at retail price. The difference makes the profit for the representative. Power start commission is paid on the distributor’s initial sales order up to 1000PV that is placed in 30 days of sign up. Power start is a weekly bonus.

According to XanGo Compensation Plan, a commission of 50% is paid to distributors or representatives on all commissionable sales volume. These commissions go down line up to 9 levels. Bonus Pool is offered to the members who are at the levels starting from Premier to X1 Premier depending upon their GV level. This is a quarterly paid bonus.


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