XanGo Inc

XanGo Inc

XanGo Inc

XanGo, LLC is a private international multi-level marketing company that was established on, 11 September 2002 in Lehi, Utah, United States by the mutual efforts of six men, Aaron, Kent, Brian, Joe, Gordon and Gary. Recently Xango is operating in nearly 36 countries all over the world with the help of almost 1,000,000 independent distributors.

Basically the company manufactures and distributes the XanGo juice, that a product of blended juice comprising of mangosteen fruit (a fruit that grows on a tropical ever green tree found in the Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia), other different juices and also other nutritional, skin care and other supplement products that is formed with a mixture of botanical ingredients.

Originally, XanGo juice is the category creator and is the first to have the ownership of whole fruit puree that matches the outstanding taste and have the certification of ISO standards.XanGo juices have the concentration of naturally present component, Phytonutrient that is the mixture of Xanthones, proanthocyanidins, catechins and flavonoids that is helpful in powering the immune system, provide the strength the intestinal health and give a healthy respiratory system.

Glimpse is a skin care product of XanGo’s Inc that is helpful in healthy hydration process of skin, vanishing the wrinkles, dark spots and hyper pigmentation. XanGo is a listed company and traded on (NYSE) New York Stock exchange.

XanGo Inc donated its first profit check to Operation kids and decided to donate minimum 7% of its all company’s profit to Operation kids.XanGo has also made the alliance with McGruff House in order to provide the safe places of refuge to children.

XanGo Good Foundation has signed with many NGOs to provide the help to the needy people especially the children all over the world. In 2006,XanGo,LLC became the sponsor of Real Salt Lake (American professional Soccer Club that competes in Major league Soccer in United States) at a cost of $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year.In 2006,the XanGo,LLC made a grant of$1 million to an Orem, Utah (art council) for the rights of naming for 5 years that now called “Xango Grand Theatre”.

XanGo,LLC has also made a huge contribution of $47200 in 2008 in the political campaign of Utah Senator named Orrin Hatch. During its working XanGo has gained a lot of achievements like in 2005 had been honored with a Gold Medal by the Nutrition Business Journal for growth in large company. While in 2006 XanGo, LLC had awarded the Gary Hollister & Aaron Garrity, “The Entrepreneur of the year” by the Ernst and Young.

The Company had won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by the World Summit for Young Entrepreneurs in the same year. Company had also honored the “Emerging Elite” (since 2004) by the Mountain West Capital Network in the same year. In 2007 the company had won the Distributor’s Choice Award of Best Network Marketing Company by the MLM insider.

XanGo had also honored with “CEO of the year, Aaron Garitty” by the Utah Business Magazine in 2008.Similarly in 2009 the company had won “Award of Excellence, Web Branding” by the Communicator Awards. The company had honored the Communitas Awards of “Excellence in Community Service” in 2010.Recently XanGo has made a plan to reintroduce its 3SIXTY5™ multivitamin product with some new innovations in 2011,that will surely extract the gainful results for the consumers as well as for the distributors.


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