Xocai Inc

xocai inc

Xocai Inc

Xocai is the relatively a subsidiary of the MXI (Marketing Xocolate International) Company that is located in Nevada, United States. Xocai is started in 2005 by the Jeanette Brooks. Since 2005 the company has increased 600% sales at the end of 2008.

Xocai deals in chocolate health products that are based on the ingredients of unprocessed raw cacao and also contain the acai berries that are the world’s 2nd most high- antioxidant super food next to the raw cacao. Xocai includes a vast healthy chocolate product line that comprises the nugget chocolates, power squares, a powerhouse cookie, omega squares, protein bars and a chocolate drink called “Active”.

More information on Xocai Products

All Xocai chocolate products are 100% natural, diabetic safe; vegan friendly and free of the unhealthy sugar and fats. Xocai chocolate products also contains the Omega-6 & Omega-9 fatty acids, protein & iron, 8 essential amino acids. Many of the Xocai products are full of nutritional benefits that have been prove by the several testimonials that are taken from the people who used the Xocai products like weight loss, increased energy, headaches, arthritis and sound sleep throughout the night and also have the scientific studies like the University of Harvard also describe the health benefits of unprocessed cacao and acai.

Feedback on Xocai Products

Not only this Xocai products have received the positive feedback from the likes of BBC news, New York times, Newsweek, Time, Psychology Today and CNN. All Xocai healthy chocolate products are stamped with the Brunswick Lab Seal and its ingredients are rated by the USDA because of two antioxidants on the world food list. The Utah Medical University has performed the double blind study on the health benefits of the Xocai’s products and declared it to be outstanding in 2008.


Xocai Business Opportunity

Xocai also offers the home based MLM business opportunity, so if you like chocolate and wants to set up your own business then Xocai is the right choice for you to start the business. The Xocai healthy chocolate business has a smooth, flexible and sold compensation plan. Actually Xocai’s compensation plan is a binary plan with a payout of up to 50% of commissionable volume to the distributors as well as they have to build only two legs in order to earn the commissions.

Xocai has been rated as the “Hottest”  home- based opportunity by the Entrepreneur Magazine. As mostly people are crazy for the chocolate that in fact make it the highly marketable product. All Xocai products are certified by the kosher (a Jewish institute that have certain rules and regulations regarding food matters). In conclusion, Xocai chocolate is at the “Cutting Edge” of the “Healthy Chocolate” revolution.


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