Your chances in ACN MLM


Your chances in ACN MLM

Not so long ago, the idea of wireless telecommunication was just that – an idea.  The thought of having the convenience of getting and keeping in touch with friends, colleagues, and loved ones spurred the minds of people strong enough to bring the idea of wireless phone, internet, and more to materialize.  Of course, it wasn’t long after when the business-minded ones saw this as a perfect multi-level marketing option.  ACN, Inc., a telecommunications and utilities company is one of the MLM companies to take advantage of this opportunity.

What’s Telecom Doing in MLM?

Almost every transaction today is just a matter of pressing a button.  In fact, it would be foolish to disregard the possibilities that telecommunications could bring.  ACN, although relatively new, answers the demands of consumers for phone service, wireless telecom, video phone, home security, satellite TV, high speed internet, and more.

ACN was formed in 1993 by founders Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz.  Each founder actively participates in the growth of ACN and is in charge with specific responsibilities:  leading and motivating ACN independent representatives, product development, coaching and training independent representatives, and global expansion.  Today, ACN is found in 20 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia and the pacific.  1,300 ACN employees assist customers as well as their representatives world wide.

What’s In It For You?

You can join ACN as a Customer Representative or as a Team Trainer.  If you wish to expand your options of earning income with their MLM, you can be an Executive Team Trainer, a Team Coordinator, or a Regional Vice President.
To be a Customer Representative, you pay a one-time training and application fee of $9, and $499 to be an ACN Team Trainer.  For all levels of ACN MLM, you should acquire and maintain customers.  But as a Team Trainer, you must get at least 6 connected long distance customers or 8 customers subscribed to any ACN services.

As a representative, you earn from your customers’ billing volume or usage.  Commissions range from 2% to 8% of your customers’ bill.  Basing on the ACN Personal Commissions table below, if you want to earn at least 3% commission, your customers’ total bill must amount to at least $2,000.

Let’s say your customers want to get just the cheapest long distance service.  From ACN’s website, the cheapest stand-alone long distance service they have is the Connect Home Residential, which is $2.99 per month.  To get to the 3% commission bracket, you need to have at least 669 customers subscribed to the Connect Home Residential.  That’s a commission of $40 in a month.  ACN has long distance plans for residential subscribers ranging from $20 to almost $50.  Naturally, your goal should be to get your customers to subscribe to the “best” plans.

Billing Volume Commission
$0 – $1,999 2%
$2,000 to $3,999 3%
$4,000 to $5,999 4%
$6,000 to $7,999 5%
$8,000 to $9,999 6%
$10,000 to $12,499 7%
$12,500 up 8%


However, as of 2009, statistics show that 114 million people in the US alone have wired subscribership.  Landline revenue in the US was $301.3 billion in the same year.  You may need 669 customers to sign up with the cheapest plans, but with a US population of over 300 million, 669 people are not really a lot.

Keep in mind, though, that ACN doesn’t only offer long distance services.  A good move that they did was to provide a wide range of utilities and services.  In wireless services alone, statistics say that the number of wireless subscribers is 285.6 million, but the actual number may be lower since some subscribers actually sign up with more than one wireless plan.  Besides, to the ACN MLM compensation plan has other options for their representatives to earn income.


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